New Student Orientation

On Thursday, October 11th, Student Council hosted an event for the new students to come to KIS to learn about it and get to know their student council reps.

First, when we arrived, we all picked up our name tags so that all the new kids would know who we are. (and vice versa) We also mingled around the atrium eating food and talking to the new kids.

Name Tag 1 Name Tag 2 Name Tag 3 Name Tag 4Name Tag 5Name Tag 6

Then we went to the DP Lounge to get their laptops signed up with the school internet to save time on the first day of school. Some people didn’t bring their laptops, so we just told them to do it on the first day.


We did plenty of ice-breaker activities in the DP Study Room, to help us get to know them better and to make them feel more comfortable in the school environment. We first played Mingle, which included people proposing to other people multiple times. Then we played Splash, to which the winner was Abhi, from G11.

Mingle 1 Mingle 2 Mingle 3 Splash 1 Splash 3Splash 4

Then we split into different groups (Group 1: G6-7, Group 2: G8-9, Group 3: G10-12) and gave all the students a tour of the full MYP/DP building.

Tour 1

After the tour, we went back to the DP Study Room to give final advice (Managebac, plagiarism, etc…) and then everybody went home.

Presentation 1 Presentation 2

Overall, everybody had a lot of fun and the new students got to know quite a lot of our school and they look forward to their first day.


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