Welcome Back!

Welcome back to KIS for the 2016-2017 academic year! 

August is always a month for reunions with friends and new beginnings. The start of a new academic year carries with it a profound feeling of a new chapter opening up in our lives. As relaxing and enjoyable term breaks are, returning to KIS is something to look forward to year after year. The creative pursuit of knowledge, inspiration of the students and the spirit of the community are all things that make KIS such a refreshing school to be.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new students. In the Secondary School alone, we will be welcoming over twenty new students in this semester. All students will also be sure to welcome all new teachers and staff. We are sure that you will soon find much to love about this community.

In this year the reformed representative-based Student Council will be entering its third year of operations. I am as optimistic as ever about the potential for this year’s Student Council as we continue to move forward with representing the student body and bonding the school together. KIS Today will also be entering its second year, and there are many exciting opportunities that beckon.

So many things happen, of course, over the course of a year at KIS, so who knows what 2016-2017 will bring? Without the prescient skills of a fortune-teller, I can hardly say. But what I am certain of, however, is that as with every year, we as a community will bring our ever-present energy and spirit into everything that we do, and that together, we will continue to do great things. I look forward to seeing what we achieve this year.

See you around! 

Ken, KIS Student Council


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