New Year, New Changes


You might have realized that the school has changed a bit by now. Well you’re right! During the summer the school was under construction to make a better school life for all of us! Here are some of the notable changes …..

  • Timetable

Because there will be no homeroom periods in the morning, the time period for the classes are slightly changed. Good luck memorizing them, and remember that the school bell will always alarm you!


  • Managebac

From now on you can’t access Managebac with your old email, please use your new e-mail to access Managebac.

ICT_Assembly_Note (1)

  • Scoreboard

Most of you should have already seen the new electric scoreboard at the basketball court. Can’t wait until TISAC Basketball season starts! (Warning: Super loud buzzer alert, REALLY LOUD)

  • Lockers

There will be no private lockers for students (except for DP students). Please bring your own locks if you want to leave your belongings in a locker. Remember that any lockers with locks over the weekend will be taken away by the maids and all your belongings inside will be sent to the Lost and Found.

  • Auditorium

Did you see some strange brown poles in the auditorium? It’s part of a development to create better sound quality within the auditorium! Please stay away from the poles for your safety.

Have a great academic year everyone!


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