Thailand’s National Science Day

This article was written by Soup G11

August 18 is celebrated as National Science Day in Thailand. During this day, schools and science entities throw big events celebrating, educating, and showcasing news and breakthroughs in scientific communities.

Here are a few awesome scientific achievements by Thai scientists, inventors, and researchers:

1. Ebola Antibody

In the midst of the search for the cure of the Ebola virus, a group of Thai scientists and doctors from Siriraj Hospital announced that they had developed a therapeutic antibody that could effectively fight the Ebola virus. An antibody is a substance used by the body’s immune system to fight bacteria and viruses. A therapeutic antibody is kind of an artificial antibody which is designed to fight a specific foreign invader in the body. However, these therapeutic antibodies have not yet been produced at a manufacturing scale. Further research including animal testing is still being conducted. Click here to read more about this antibody.


2. Elide Fire Ball

Phanawatnan Kaimart invented a ball that actually blasts, and extinguishes fire in an instant. He was one of the survivors of a fire that killed 100 people at the Royal Jomtien Resort Hotel, Pattaya in 1997. Kaimart found inspiration from this traumatic experience to invent a safer and more effective tool to combat fires. Surprisingly, this tool comes in the shape of a dodgeball.

Source: fires-instantly-2016-3

Here is an interesting video about the Elide Fire Ball:

Have a great National Science Day!

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