The Wolf’s Howl |21A|

The summer gave time for us to lend our ears to music that eventually will be overplayed by the shopping malls – and your friends. This is the summer collection you’ll want to forget by December.

Artist: Major Lazer ft Justin Bieber, MØ

Album: Music Is The Weapon Year: 2016

Genre: Dance, Moombahton // House + Reggaeton

Thoughts: I know everyone knows this song by now, similar to most of the Summer 2016 songs, but I really think this deserves a highlight. The song refers to being there for someone one cares about, anyone from family to a friend to a lover, and reminding them that you will always be there for them. It’s a confirmation we all would like to have from many people, and give to many others. 

Rating : 6/7

Artist: The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Album: – Year: 2016

Genre: Electronic Pop

Thoughts: The significance of this song isn’t just it quickly climbing the charts and being the symbol of popular music culture through being overplayed, but also that it was inspired by Blink-182’s “I Miss You” – which at a time was one of my most overplayed songs. I want to say that for the fact I loved this song before it became mainstream, essentially the first 13 hours of its release. #hipster

Rating : 7/7

Artist: Gnash ft Goody Grace

Album: – Year: 2015

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative

Thoughts: A mildly suggestive number, this resonates to me with a really sweet summer romance. I know, we’re all academics here and the action we get is for CAS, and the only significant others we have time for are significant digits, but one can always enjoy the vibe. It instills a sense of hope and happiness in me, especially at the undertone of someone wanting to spend time with you regardless of what you decide to do. Definitely cute. 

Rating : 6/7

Artist: X Ambassadors 

Album: VHS Year: 2015

Genre: Indie Pop Rock

Thoughts: I fell in love with the X Ambassadors when I first heard their song “Renegades”. This song, Unsteady, featured in the movie Me Before You, and that surprised me. The concept behind the song itself is worth the listen. 

Rating : 5/7

Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Album: Suicide Squad Year: 2016

Genre: Grunge, Pop, Rock

Thoughts: Twenty One Pilots never fails to deliver, and with their determination to play every genre possible, this brought the spark that Suicide Squad really needed. From lyrics to the actual production, the song is almost perfect, and one can’t help but wonder how Twenty One Pilots manages to release one great song after another. 

Rating : 7/7

Don’t forget to contact KISToday if you have any songs you’d like to recommend or share! 

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