And we’re back with another K-Drama review! If you’re an addict like I am, the only three shows you’re watching right now are MBC’s “W Two-Worlds“, KBS’ “Uncontrollably Fond” and the one we’re going to be talking about today, “Doctors“. The show is still on air, so anyone who had just caught up is probably screaming at the Olympics (which caused the latest episode to be delayed). For people who plan on watching, Doctors airs on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00pm (KST). For Thailand, the airtime is still unknown, but I’m almost sure that it’ll be translated and voiced in Thai for viewers here in no time.

My first impression of Doctors was how amazing the cast looked. That was the first thing that hooked me. You can never go wrong with Park Shin Hye (who takes on the female lead of Dr. Yoo Hye Jung) and Kim Rae Won (who plays male lead Hong Ji Hong). They are both extremely successful actors and that’s mostly the reason why Doctors rose to fame so quickly. Because of them nobody could resist the urge to this drama a try.


Not only do we get to see actress Park Shin Hye on the big screen again (after her long hiatus from acting since her last role in SBS’ Pinocchio) but we get to see the whole cast in quite a popular K-drama genre: a medical drama.


Medical dramas, to me, are very interesting. They’re very dramatic, but not melodramatic. Most of their issues relate to the medical side and once you finish the series, I have no doubt you will have learned a thing or two about neurosurgery.

With Doctors, I liked how there was a reason behind everything – how the main character had the motivation to study hard and become a doctor, and how the backstory is the most important part of this drama.

The plot is quite an interesting one too. The main character, Yoo Hye Jung is a fierce and feisty high school student who has quite the bad girl personality – she’s rebellious but keeps her moral values. Due to the problems she faced in her tough childhood, she was motivated to become a doctor. She stays cold-hearted and doesn’t let anyone through her walls. But all of that changes when she meets Hong Ji Hong – an intelligent doctor who she later falls for and is able to help solve her ongoing family conflict. Whether or not her conflict will be solved – none of us will know until next Monday.

In my opinion, this drama started off very well. The plot was laid out perfectly: it didn’t move too quickly and I understood what was happening. However, I have noticed recently, that the episodes aren’t quite up to their usual standards. Some of the latest episodes feel like fillers and they seem to go off track from the plot. I even came to the conclusion, once, that the main character forgot about her problem because she was constantly sidetracked to do other things which didn’t connect to the main issue at all.

I asked some KIS students for their opinion on the drama and some thought the same while some thought it was pretty enjoyable the whole way through:

“It was interesting at first, but as the story went on, it seemed like they dragged the plot and it got boring.” – Soojin, G10

“I really liked the start of the drama – I like how they not only focused on the romance but the medical aspect of the drama as well. There is more than one conflict which makes it less boring, but the storyline is a little bit too chill and there are no more surprising scenes. I would recommend this to people who are into plots that aren’t too complex.” – Jean, G10

“I’ve watched one episode and I didn’t continue because I felt like it had a nice storyline, but it’s definitely not on top of the list. I might catch up on it later on.” – Mami, G11

Another important factor that made me cringe a little was the age difference between the main characters – I find it plain awkward. Here’s an opinion from a fellow KIS student who thinks the same:

“The fact that he was her teacher thirteen years ago is quite surprising since it turns out to be a romance later. I mean – that’s just weird.” – Avantika, G10

The dialogues in this drama are very common in K-Drama. Quotes involving destiny, fate, hope and all that are very typical lines and it didn’t really wow me. If it wasn’t for the superb acting, the ‘strong’ quotes wouldn’t really make me feel the emotions I was supposed to feel during those scenes.


In terms of acting, I’ve started to realise that Park Shin Hye’s character seems a bit repeated as well. When you first start the drama, you’d think she’s trying out a completely different role and you’re very happy about that, but as the drama progresses, you see a somewhat repeated personality that she always seems to do. I don’t mind it, but sometimes, I watch it and I think “oh, this again”.

My favourite thing about this drama is the soundtrack. I love how the scenes lace with the music perfectly – they just match so well. The music instantly emphasises the mood and you can totally tell what direction the scene is pointing at when you hear the background music. The lovey-dovey scenes have music that makes you swoon and the sad scenes have music that can make you bawl, and that’s something that I really look for in a drama.


In conclusion, it’s a good drama indeed, but it’s definitely not one of the best. Despite the episodes being sort of boring, I will stick with it until the end. I would recommend watching this if you’re amidst a week full of summative assessments and you need a chill drama with a not-too-intense plot you can easily follow up with – it’s a true stress reliever.


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