The Wolf’s Howl |28A|

With a busy week ahead, here are the songs that are getting me through the stress.

Artist: Gnash ft. Goody Grace

Year: 2016

Genre: Indie pop, Alternative, Electronic

Thoughts: With it’s slightly depressing vibes, this song may not seem to be one that manages to make you feel even a tad bit better about your life, but it really does. The repetition of Gnash’s work throughout my recommendations might suggest a bias, but I believe this song supports the need for it to be there. 

Rating: 6/7

Artist: EDEN ft. Gnash

Album: I Think You Think Too Much of Me Year: 2016

Genre: Electronic, Pop, Alternative

Thoughts: These two artists are my current favorite, and supported me through the laborious hours I pored over my Extended Essay, and when they collaborated on this piece, I knew that ‘hell-week’ would really pass over for me. The special thing about EDEN and Gnash is that while I am someone who always hangs on to the lyrics of a song, these give me a chance to let my subconscious concentrate on that and let my conscious just – okay, yeah, I just like listening to it. 

Rating: 6/7

Artist: Twenty One Pilots (Jaydon Lewis Remix)

Year: 2016

Genre: Trap, Electronic

Thoughts: The lyrics to this song accompanied by the bass drop helps you jam out when you’re worn out from working for so long. I know Trap remixes can sometimes take an annoying turn in their production, but I definitely enjoyed this one. 

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Queen

Album: Jazz Year: 1978

Genre: Pop Rock, Glam Rock

Thoughts: I was recently reminded that this song existed through my classmates, and I am glad. If you’re more into rock, this song is one you can’t help but admit being one of the greatest. From the solos to the lyrics, this song can manage to lift your spirits either way. 

Rating: 6/7

Don’t forget to contact KISToday if you have any songs you’d like to recommend or share! 

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