Student Council in 2016-2017

This post was originally written for the KIS Spirit August 2016 edition. 

In KIS, the Student Council has always worked to represent the students, build school spirit and to pioneer new ideas. Two years ago, Student Council shifted from being an informal club to a representative-based system; we have spent the past two years building this new system and consolidating it. This has led to many great successes and allowed the revitalisation of the role of Student Council within the school. In this third year, however, we are no longer aiming at simply repeating the success of the previous two years, but instead to continue moving forward to new frontiers. As president, I see three main priorities for the Student Council in 2016-2017.

Firstly, we aim to continue to find ways to better represent the student body and to build school spirit. To do this, Student Council will work on finding more effective ways to act as an intermediary between various school departments and the students, and to become even more receptive to student opinions through more sophisticated data collection. We will continue to use the houses system and to host creative house events that will allow students with various talents to shine, whether they be athletic, artistic or intellectual. Brainstorming has already started for many exciting events that will take place both inside and outside houses. In addition, we are particularly passionate about our new media channel from last year, KIS Today, and the opportunities that beckon from this student newspaper.

Secondly, we will continue to promote the importance of service as an integral element of studying at KIS. We sincerely believe in the values of global citizenship and in giving back to the community. As such, we will work closely with the Service coordinator at KIS on promoting both direct and indirect service; we will also continue the councils’ fundraising activities for causes which we are passionate about. The environment will also be given renewed attention as Student Council tries to find ways in which we can build greater environmental awareness within the community, and to explore more direct ways for making KIS more eco-friendly. 

Finally, the Student Council will work on connecting with the wider community. KISPA, the PYP Student Council and KIS alumni are examples of KIS organisations which Student Council is looking forward to finding more areas of cooperation. We are similarly excited to continue working with other schools through the Thailand International School Students’ Committee (TISSC), an association of international school student councils throughout Thailand which KIS joined last year. 

It will certainly be yet another busy year for the KIS Student Council. I would like to thank all students, staff and parents at KIS for having supported the Student Council in previous years, and I hope that we will continue to receive this support as we continue to move forward in our quest to help make KIS an even more exciting and inspiring school. We look forward to the next months to come! 

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