#RELATABLE: 20 Feelings Every Girl Faces at KIS

As a girl myself, I’m gonna have to say that being a girl is pretty hard – you spend the time you could’ve used to sleep to try to make yourself look less dead or just take the time to go to the bathroom during class to comb out those tangles in your hair. Of course, all girls are different and not everyone goes through the same routine, but if you’re like me and you like to feel good about yourself at school, then you can probably relate to this. So, in this week’s article of #RELATABLE I’d like to address these (obvious) first world problems.

This is to all the girls who have to wake up extra early in the morning to make sure their eyebrows are ‘on fleek’.

1.When you mess up your makeup in the morning and someone points it out


2. How you feel when you look extra bomb, but you’re 20 minutes late to schooltumblr_inline_ocbn1tQlXW1qzw3a7_500.gif

3. You during the swimming unit in PE


4. Trying to figure out what mascara the girl buying that oreo shake is wearing


5. When the bell rings after PE and your hair hasn’t come back to its normal shape from the tight ponytail you had


6. When it’s already 7 am and you’re still trying to get your hair together


7. When you have PE during period 6


8. Praying that what you’re wearing matches the theme during casual Fridays


9. When someone actually compliments you


10. The moment you realise you used the same eyebrow pencil as your friend


11. When you feel like something smudged but the teacher’s still talking


12. When you actually look pretty bomb but you have to take your makeup off, knowing that you might not be able to recreate it again


13. When it’s valentines day and you don’t get any roses, but you know you look great today


14. When you realise you forgot your eyebrow pencil at home and half your eyebrows are already gone


15. “Your eyeliner looks horrid”   *tries not to get butthurt*


16. Main reason some of us are at the office today


17. When you’re the only one in a casual Friday outfit and no one’s dressed up


18. The “what are you wearing” look you give only to your best friend


19. When everyone compliments your Halloween outfit which you put together at the last minute


20. How you feel when you make your eyeliner too thick and you’re trying to fix it




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  1. oravara says:

    This is SO relatable lol (;


  2. xchiimiin says:

    Reblogged this on xchiimiin.


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