Conspiracy Theories: Killing Kennedy​

-DISCLAIMER: Most of this information is prior knowledge that I have double checked, but not cited. The rest that is new to me has been cited. All photos are public domain. If you doubt any of my information then: 1) I feel very hurt that you don’t trust me, and 2) Feel free to investigate my sources.-

The Man
You might recognize the guy on the left here. He partook in the Second World War as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He was also involved in the establishment of the Peace Corps and attempted to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro. There was a punk group formed with his surname in their band name. Don’t know him yet? He was the 35th president of the United States of America, it’s not like I memorize them. Still nothing? Well, there was that small matter of him, you know, being assassinated. Yup, it’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy, AKA Jack Kennedy AKA JFK.

JFK was assassinated at 12:30 pm on the 22nd of November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was driving in an open top Ford Lincoln with his wife Jackie Kennedy and governor of Texas, John Connally. The investigation of the assassination was turned into an Oliver Stone film named “JFK”. This investigation was headed by Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner in the movie, the investigation began in 1966, which seems quite late for the investigation in the murder of the president. I mean, it didn’t take long for Lyndon B. Johnson to be sworn in on air force one, it happened on the same day as JFK died. Needless to say, the death of President Kennedy impacted the world in respect to what he had done, not just for the American people, but his take on foreign relations was different to how they were under Eisenhower.

The Confusion

The world is in consensus about most of the events regarding the assassination, but there are several disputed facts. Yes, multiple facts are disputed about certain details surrounding the assassination of JFK, such as the “Magic Bullet Theory” vs the “Single Bullet Theory”, if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and the CIA’s or Lyndon B. Johnson’s involvement’s involvement in a coverup. These details are, in fact, quite crucial to understand the events that unfolded that day. The idea that it wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald that pulled the trigger would go against the findings reported by the Warren Commission (an investigation ordered by president LBJ, the book is known as the “Warren Report”). But, let’s start with the first thing on the list: the “Magic Bullet Theory” vs the “Single Bullet Theory”.



Bullet Theories

The idea of the magic bullet theory is, by far, one of the most interesting parts of this discussion. It revolves around the idea that one bullet couldn’t have done all the damage that it was reported to have done. Take a look at these images, the one on the top shows the magic bullet theory, and the bottom one shows the single bullet theory. The person on the left is JFK and the person on the right is Governor Connally. The magic bullet theory shows the trajectory of a single bullet (in red) passing through the bodies of both men. You and I both know that this is impossible unless Magneto really was involved and tried to save JFK, but accidentally killed him.

The single bullet theory shows the trajectory of one bullet, but with the two men in slightly different postures. Well, it’s personally saddening that the magic bullet theory is completely bogus. To see what I mean, you’ve got to know the list of wounds that the one bullet allegedly caused. The order goes: JFK’s throat, to near Connally’s armpit, then out below Connally’s nipple and towards his wrist (just a graze). In the magic bullet theory, Connally is depicted as sitting right in front of JFK, but according to the Zapruder film, and the design of the actual car, you can see why this is false. The seat in which Connally sat in is lower than Kennedy’s and slightly further left than JFK’s seat. Once you factor that in, you can see that once the bullet wounds are lined up, there is only ONE line of trajectory and it is not magical in any way whatsoever. The line of trajectory came from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, where the suspect was hiding behind some boxes.

Watch this video to understand the theory.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Now armed with the knowledge that there aren’t any supernatural factors involved, we can discount Magneto from the list of suspects. Ah yes, suspects. The usual suspect (there’s a movie called the “Usual Suspects”, go watch it if you haven’t. Kevin Spacey’s in it) people keep referring to is Lee Harvey Oswald. I was curious as to why Oswald killed the president, as you should be if you’re investigating a crime. I’ll take this moment to educate you on the three parts of figuring out if a person is guilty, the Means, Motive, and Opportunity. If the suspect could have committed the crime, why the suspect committed the crime and if the suspect could have committed the crime. In the case of Lee Harvey Oswald, he was more than capable of killing JFK. He had been in the Marine Corp and knew his way around a gun. He also worked for the Texas School Book Depository as a clerk for about five weeks before the assassination. Thus, giving him access and the opportunity to go to the 6th floor and shoot at Kennedy. Hold on, you might say, means and opportunity, what about motive? That is where it gets interesting.

I had a look at a psychiatrist’s assessment from when Oswald was 13 and taken to a Youth House. He was brought in on a charge of truancy, in layman’s terms He was the “product of a broken home”. What Dr. Renatus Hartogs (can I just say what a cool name “Renatus” is, if I was called that, I’d be “The Renator”) means by that, is Oswald’s behavior at the age of 13, was due to his family life being in bad shape. More specifically, his father died two months prior to Oswald’s birth, his mother not being able to always be there for him. According to the psych report, Oswald has occasionally hit his mother if she didn’t bring any food home for dinner. She worked as a stockbroker, so she wasn’t always able to ensure that Oswald went to school. Oswald had two older brothers in the army, and he saw himself having a similar job in the future (which he ended up getting). The main part is that Oswald was a “withdrawn and evasive boy who dislikes intensely talking about himself and his feelings” and that he felt his mother rejected him and never cared for him.

Author’s Note:

I’d just like to interrupt this paragraph for a moment if you feel down about something and don’t want to share, it’s understandable. Although, if it’s serious I urge you to speak with someone you trust before you either harm someone else or yourself. If you avoid being open about yourself, all those feelings might become too overwhelming to handle alone. I speak from experience. A problem shared, is a problem halved.


Anyway, back to Oswald. He clearly kept himself to himself, but there was something else. According to Dr. Hartogs, Oswald was a “youngster with superior mental endowment” but he also claimed he wasn’t very good at school. That lead Dr. Hartogs to conclude that he had feelings of “general inadequacy and emotional discouragement”. When Hartogs asked if he preferred being in the company of boys more than girls, Oswald reportedly said: “I dislike everybody”. THERE IT IS!! I can almost hear you shouting at me. You think that’s the proof that he killed JFK, his anti-social, “I-hate-everyone” stance on life. Ah, but no. The Warren Commission couldn’t find ANYONE that ever heard Oswald say anything bad about JFK. According to the majority of the people that the Warren Commission interviewed, Oswald often expressed his admiration towards the president, once stating that Oswald said: “I think [he] is an excellent President, young, full of energy, full of good ideas” (Bojczuk).

Oh, well never mind that then. He had no motive to kill Kennedy, that means it couldn’t have been him. Not necessarily, my naive reader. Oswald had plenty of rational to kill JFK, not that there is a set amount of reason to kill someone, I think the general advice is, “don’t”. It lies in Lee Harvey Oswald’s ideological beliefs. History has shown, time and time again, that differing ideas and thoughts can lead to tension and conflict. One of the most obvious and famous examples of two different ideologies causing tension and conflict is the Cold War. The USSR believed in their take on Marxism, which was called Communism. This was in opposition to the United States, who believed in Democracy. The US claimed that communism was spreading rapidly, in addition to the members of the Warsaw Pact, it had already affected Korea, Vietnam, China, Cuba and countless other Latin American and Asian countries by the year Kennedy was shot.

Lee Harvey Oswald had defected to the USSR in 1959, but some conspiracy theorists say he never did (they’re wrong, he definitely did- it’s where he met his wife). I forgot to mention that 13-year-old Oswald challenged and disliked authority, and as far as authority goes, being the President is the highest you can be. There is clear evidence of his resentment for authority through his Marxist and socialist views. And as I mentioned in the beginning, JFK was, ultimately, in charge of the Bay Of Pigs invasion back in ‘61. It was an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro, the communist leader of Cuba. There was a total of 638 attempts on Castro’s life, which are explained in a 2006 British documentary called “638 Ways to Kill Castro”. The CIA was adamant about getting rid of this guy, it all goes back to differing ideologies. And if an organization wants to kill one man for believing in something else, then one man can want to kill another man for believing in something else. It’s all very “an eye for an eye” right now, but killing JFK wasn’t out of revenge for the assassination attempts, because they all failed.

So we’ve established that there is SOME motive in Oswald killing Kennedy, and that’s an ideological difference, but we counter that with Oswald’s liking of Kennedy. This leaves back where we started: looking for a motive. Oswald’s prints were found on the rifle found in the Texas School Book Depository, and he worked there for 5 weeks prior. But again, motive. For that, I will leave it up to you, I trust your judgment (I really don’t), but don’t go claiming anything without evidence to back it up.

Was Oswald Alone?

With Oswald definitely at the sniper’s nest and that one bullet doing all that damage, there’s another question. Why did Oswald not shoot Kennedy coming up Houston Street? It would’ve been a clean head shot and it was straight in front of the school book depository rather than at an angle driving towards the grassy knoll. Well, here comes another theory: Oswald wasn’t alone. There were only 3 bullet casings found in his sniper’s nest, but eyewitnesses claim to have heard more than 3 shots. Of the three shots that came from Oswald’s nest, one missed, one caused all the damage mentioned during the single bullet theory section and one got Kennedy right in the head. It took 3 shots to kill Kennedy, if he was shot coming up Houston, it would’ve been one, and I repeated that to stress this point. But let’s go back to the magic bullet vs single bullet theory (if you haven’t noticed by now, everything is interconnected). The events I described above were according to the Warren Commission’s “official” findings. But if you were to refer to the medical examination, the wound that was placed at JFK’s neck was actually found 5-6 inches lower (Vollbach).

What’s this? A group of government officials lying? That’s never happened before. Well, they might not be lying, but the group of doctors had done countless bullet wound examinations beforehand and were very skilled at autopsies (Vollbach). Again, it all depends on which evidence you believe, that’s what makes a conspiracy theory a theory. If it wasn’t for all these conflicting details, the world would be so much easier to live in and I wouldn’t be here at my computer typing these words. The point is, if the bullet wound that basically proves the single bullet theory was lower than reported, it gives rise to the multiple gunmen theory.

Yes, the bullet wound, plus not shooting JFK coming up Houston and plus Oswald’s lack of motive must mean there were multiple shooters. This means the plan would’ve been twofold: to ensure that if Oswald doesn’t kill him, somebody else does and it would’ve been easier for multiple gunmen in the grassy knoll area. This would have allowed for triangulated fire, leading to a turkey shoot, leading to a higher chance of hitting the target. “Triangulated fire” implies three shooters, but only two shots on target. Well, it would’ve had to have been three shots on target to account for the hole in JFK’s back and his throat. There also might not have been an exit wound, meaning the bullet was lodged in the president’s body. Even though the professional doctors that examined his corpse may not have been able to find these theoretical lodged bullets, there is a reason for that. JFK’s cadaver was taken away to another hospital for an “official” government autopsy done by less experienced doctors (Vollbach).

You may have noticed that in every instance I say the word “official”, I use quotation marks. There is a reason for this, the idea that these “official” reports and examinations were part of an even bigger conspiracy (dunn dunnn dunnnn).


In Office Now

The man is in office now”, was what Jack Ruby (Oswald’s shooter) said after a reporter asked if the assassination of JFK may have been orchestrated by someone with a lot of power (Cameron). And who do we know has a lot of power and is in office after the shooting of Kennedy? Mr. Lyndon Baines Johnson. Yes, the now president (now as in, at the time of the interview now, unless Obama is secretly LBJ in disguise) was the man who planned the killing of his predecessor. You might call this a baseless claim, but it is far from it. Aside from the Warren Commission’s discrepancies and the words of Jack Ruby, there is another reason why LBJ would’ve killed JFK (and it’s not that “JFK” is a far better acronym than “LBJ”). JFK was planning to pull all the troops out of Vietnam before the mid 60’s (Galbraith) but when Johnson got into power, he opted to continue the war (Trueman). The Vietnam war was huge, not only was continuing it costing American lives but making a statement. It may have been that LBJ was against Kennedy’s plan and couldn’t get his point through to him. So he had to get his point through another way (get it? “point” = bullet, he got his bullet through Kennedy’s brain).

More proof lies in that LBJ ducked when JFK was shot. But isn’t it natural to take cover when someone opens fire on you? Well, the secret service, the people trained to identify dangers to the president didn’t duck. They may have turned around, but they didn’t realize it was a gunshot, they thought it could have been a firework. You know what? Let this video explain it to you (watch as much as you want to).

Yes, LBJ knew there was going to be shooting that day in Dallas. He was behind the death of what seemed to be one of the USA’s greatest presidents. Jack Kennedy’s blood is on his hands, but that’s just what my findings have lead me to believe.

No matter what you believe, be it aliens, the Mafia, Castro, the Russians or Lyndon B. Johnson like I do, all that matters is you question it. The world is full of discrepancies, there are holes in the logic of everything. It is up to us to find those holes that are ruining the structural stability of society and clog them with logic and analytical thinking. Forget the conspiracy theories, there are many things that we widely believe as a species that is completely wrong and it is up to us to educate ourselves about it. I leave you with this quote from Vera Farmiga who was in “The Departed” along with Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio (good movie, go watch that too), Doubt is the middle position between knowledge and ignorance. It encompasses cynicism but also genuine questioning”.



-Usual Suspects

-The Departed


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ken says:

    It’s important to remember, however, that the Vietnam War was never LBJ’s main focus during his presidency. It’s true that he devoted considerable attention to it, but his most important passion was always for his ‘Great Society’, a programme of massive domestic changes. Would it really have made sense for LBJ to murder JFK for the sake of continuing the Vietnam War, something that would eventually end up ruining his presidency and legacy?


  2. T'Mas says:

    Yes, LBJ’s main focus was not the continuation of the Vietnam War, however, that wasn’t the only motive behind his murder. JFK’s list of foreign affairs is riddled with failure, two major incidents include the inability to prevent the Berlin wall from being built and the Bay of Pigs incident in ’61. Arguably, these are only two major incidents, but none of his major initiatives that got him elected were passed during his term. And again, you may argue that his term was cut short by a year, but LBJ got a lot of stuff done in his one term. It may have been more on a personal scale, than a political scale this time. JFK was known for his womanizing, but people do tend to overlook that these days. LBJ may have looked down on JFK for this. Also, LBJ used the womanizing to blackmail JFK into letting Johnson run for VP with him. If things went Kennedy’s way, it would’ve been Robert Kennedy as VP. You mention that LBJ’s legacy was ruined by the Vietnam War, but that was only part of what ruined it. Johnson was too ambitious. His “Great Society” was based on ideas that were difficult to reach. He wanted to abolish all poverty, granted that the USA is now poverty free, but there are still homeless people . So people went from living in a slum to living in the streets. (What essentially happened was that LBJ tried to tip people out the frying pan into the fire).

    To sum up, the Vietnam War may not have been the reason behind LBJ orchestrating the killing of JFK, but there may have been other reasons. LBJ may have felt like he was being held back, and killed Kennedy so he could prove to the people he was better was the president and not as the vice president. LBJ used rather illicit means to get his vice presidency, who says he wouldn’t have done the same for his presidency?

    And out of curiosity, who do you think did it?


    1. Ken says:

      I’d say that it’d be hard to rebuke the point that LBJ could’ve had other motivations- this is, after all, a conspiracy theory. Something else to support your theory would be an investigation to Jack Ruby himself. Why did Jack Ruby choose to kill Oswald? Could he have been paid to cover-up? I have to say that I personally am completely unsure about who did it- I don’t think there’s enough evidence to say LBJ was behind the murder, but I also don’t think Oswald was acting alone.


      1. T'Mas says:

        Exactly, it’s a conspiracy. Just wait till this weekend when you get a load of my 15 year anniversary of 9/11. So many ludicrous theories out there.


  3. Toni Wrega says:

    Oswald maybe acted alone, but was manipulated by some others. Please, read Pacepa’s book.


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