Hype Your House Competition

Hype Your House: A Media Competition 

It’s still early in the year, so it’s time to promote your house through any media! Motivate and inspire your house through creative uses of your favorite medium, whether it be through art, film, writing or anything you can think of.

Students are allowed to make any type of medium to promote their houses!

    • Examples:
      • Short commercial
      • Poster
      • Art Piece
      • Song/Rap
      • News Article
      • Story
      • Article
      • Speech
      • Cartoon
      • Brochure
      • Short skit
      • Magazine Cover Page

(All performance entries should be submitted in video form; there will be no live competition)

This competition is about being CREATIVE and letting your house spirit shine!

Deadline: September 30th, 2016

Submissions must be sent to kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th 

1 entry per person. 

Files must be in .PDF for digital art or .AVI for videos

The house that gets first place will earn 80 points & their work will be showcased in the run-up to Sports Day.

10 EXTRA POINTS will be rewarded to the house with the most submissions. 

Have fun and be creative. Good luck!



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