Charmed TV Series Review

For those of you in the Supernatural fandom, have you ever wondered what came before that hit series? It was Charmed, the first of its kind and was the first to bring stories from different cultures to life. Instead of the characters actually “hunting” evil, in this series, the characters live normal lives and when evil comes to them or to innocents, their hunting begins.

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe had the most ordinary life anyone could ever think of until their typical lives decided to turn tails on them. When the spell that binds their magic wear off, chaos is on its way. They have magic running in their blood, demons at their doorstep and a very important job to do. As the new urban witches, the Charmed Ones’ duty is not simply to protect innocents, there’s more to their roles than meets the eye.

The plot is interesting enough to hook you into the series for the whole eight seasons. Though some of the shows are thrilling to watch, there are also some flaws. Some of the main plots of the season didn’t develop because they were too focused on demons that appeared only in one episode. I have to admit, some seasons’ plots were not as entertaining as the other seasons because there were fewer plot twists and foreshadowing to keep viewers from ever leaving their seats. As the series continued for a long time, repetition of storylines started to appear and caused the show to not only be predictable, but also not as exciting as before. One thing that I really liked about the plot was that as the series progressed, more secrets were revealed and more depth was added to the concept of magic. Time traveling and alternate dimensions came into play as well as how different types of supernatural powers work. (Spoiler alert) I think to prevent repetition, they should change the later seasons to be set in the future and focused on the Charmed Ones’ “next generation” who will be in their late teens or very early twenties. This way, the show can put more emphasis on family love and bond that it lacked in some later episodes. It can also appeal to a younger group of audience. In addition to that, since they show is also about “urban” witches, setting the scenes in the future will also support that point.

The characters in this series are distinct; they have their own unique set of personalities that are reflected in their powers. Prue, the eldest, has telekinesis which was well suited for her strong-willed, independent, and brave personality. Piper, the middle sister, has the power of freezing time and causing explosions which are reflected in her caring, sarcastic and moody personality. Phoebe, the youngest of three sisters, who is the most carefree, cheerful and emotional, has the power of premonition, levitation and empathize. These admirable characters have their own strengths and weaknesses which make them seem like normal humans, even though they are not. With the power of three, they find ways to defeat demons and keep good in the lead in its war with evil. As the series progresses they realize that it’s not an easy job, where one step forward will make you reach the finish line, if there is one.

The paranormal side of the series brought demons from legends both urban and ancient into the show, for those people who like those types of stories, not to mention the creatures from myths and folktales that were brought to life. For those of you who liked to be startled you should watch the show to see how the forces of good will always find a way to triumph over evil. For example, in season 1 episode 1, the Charmed Ones used the power of three to defeat a warlock who attempted to assassinate them in order to take their powers, which by the end of the episode helped good win against evil.

In the series, the evil beings represent all the conflicts in our daily lives, on the other hand, the sisters symbolizes hope and strength because no matter what hardships may come and no matter how things go wrong, they make it through. The warmth of love in the series expresses the importance of family and sister’s acts of sacrifice for the greater good is selflessness. We, no matter how normal, would go to hell and back for the people we love.

If you are into action-packed supernatural series with romance and a touch of humor, this series is one worth watching, and will keep you wanting for more.

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