Teacher-based House Points

This post was written by Ms. Kyla.
The IB learner profile is an integral part of our culture at KIS. Students exemplify the IB attributes every day and we would like to reward these extraordinary students through our new teacher based house system being implemented this year.

When a student demonstrates one of the learner profile traits, teachers will reward that student with 5 house points. Students will then take those points to the house bins in the atrium and deposit their point into their house bin. At the end of each month house captains will tally up the points awarded to each house and add them to the total points from the other competitions. In addition to that, we will keep track of the awarded Learner Profile values, and at the end of the year, each house will be honoured with a Learner Profile award (most caring, most balanced etc). The overall winner of each year will still be awarded with regards to total points, but it is important to celebrate the extraordinary things that our KIS students do everyday as well.

Students can check out their houses progress by looking at the bins in the lobby and watching their points grow and grow throughout the month. If students see their classmates being awesome, they can email any teacher and let them know and that teacher may decide to award points to that student.
The new system will take effect next week, so be on the lookout!

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