DP Retreat 2016

In the sunlit afternoon of the 22nd of the month, CO’18 joined CO’17 – minus the Physics students that were already there – on their journey to Kanchanaburi in hopes of bonding amongst themselves and getting prepared for what is to come this year, while having a few days of enjoyment without a pile of homework looming over their heads – theoretically.

The experience consisted of evening game circles led by Grade 11 and at times, 12, walks to Hellfire Pass, and zipline courses that resonated friendship, relations, among tiredness, in all of us.

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Separating into debate groups, dance groups, and art groups, and one analyzing the depths of psychology we learnt about the expanse of consequences our past has had on us – in terms of the violence – and expressed our beliefs through different aforementioned areas. A few of the more thought-provoking pieces that had to be shared lie ahead.

Hellfire Pass

During our visit to the Hellfire Pass Museum, I noticed some great things. Things that touched me on quite a deep level, so when I got the chance to express my feelings towards it, I wrote this rap. It is written from the perspective of a war prisoner, specifically the one who’s wallet I saw. It was posed as an artifact in the museum, and inside it was a note from the person’s significant other, wishing him ‘lots of love and good luck’.” – Danny, CO’17

Bomb blasts like lullabies
in my mind,
there’s a lass who I admire.
I can’t find her
or myself
and I’m tired
of all this fighting
Wanna go home to my child.

I look at her note in my wallet,
I can’t recall it,
How could she had called it?
Did she know from the start?
That I’ll be shot in the heart
or blown apart
or just left to starve
to death
I begged for mercy
but all that I got
was vicious diseases.
Dying slow, but the war’s trying to rush me.
when I remember I have a voice, they hush me
Push me, kick me,
I’m dead inside.
Just go ahead and kill me
already. I’m ready.

Daddy’s home, don’t worry baby
I’m back.
There’s no war going on,
With a poppy in my hand
bruised from whiplashes.
I’m now a part of the massive masses in the sand.
So take my hand
Life’s a beach, we can walk on it.
We’re destructive beings, who know peace
but let’s knock on it
that we don’t lose our minds like we did way back.
Looking for peace is like a needle in a haystack.

“Every person sees the world in a different way. One could see it as a place filled with melancholy; littered with depression and angst. Another could see it as a wondrous paradise with adventure and beauty waiting at each corner. My piece reflects these perspectives; how everyone has different outlooks on life and that these outlooks are what makes this world the colorful place it is.” – Haley, CO’18


The trip not only brought the DP closer together, but also served to make us analyze actions of our predecessors, and to subconsciously be the change we want in this world.


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