The Wolf’s Howl |11S|

Originals of songs may be embedded into our memories, but many renditions, covers, and remixes can definitely change the certain emotion we have with a song. Here are three of my favorite covers so far.

Artist: Panic! At The Disco 

Album: Suicide Squad  Year: 2016 (originally performed 2015)


Thoughts: I know I will be bashed for this, but I prefer this version to Queen’s. Yes, Queen will always be a legend, but in my personal opinion – and my childhood bias to P!ATD – this elevated the lyrics in a different method. Yes, it is mainstream of sorts now with its feature in Suicide Squad, but there is no reason to be mad at that. Just more good music to go around. 

Rating: 6/7

Artist: Gnash

Album: – Year: 2015

Genre: Alternative rock

Thoughts: We know this meme-ified emo anthem but Gnash, as done with all his music, gives it more ‘chill’ vibes and less emo ones. This brings out the subtle romanticism in the lyrics that in the original version is overlooked by the tunes. 

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Justin Bieber (TRONICBOX Remix)

Album: –  Year: 2016 (1985)

Genre: Pop, Retro 

Thoughts: During a hard day’s work, the saxophone solo never fails to lift me up. When I first heard this rendition I was actually surprised as to how much it really lifted the original. In all honesty, I am not very keen on 80’s music, in a sense. I have my Michael Jackson, and then ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and “Sweet Dreams”, and no one can escape being Rick Roll’d, but the overall 80’s vibe isn’t something I would personally listen to unless someone else plays it. This song really managed to ‘send me back’ to an era I wasn’t alive in. The version really highlights the beauty of Bieber’s song, and reminds me of the music I overlook so easily. It got me listening again to the soundtrack of ‘The Breakfast Club’ and Purple Rain. 

Rating: 5/7

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