Simple Everyday Makeup

I’m personally a strong believer in not changing your whole identity, but enhancing your natural beauty with makeup.

Makeup can do many things – it can change the shape of your eye, make your face look more dimensional and even enlarge certain features. I prefer a minimalistic, simple look since it takes less time and it makes me feel more confident out in the public. I think that’s all it should make us feel – more confident while talking to other people and not having to worry about a particular insecurity.

With this article, I have no intent of encouraging any of you to wear makeup, but if that’s what you want to start doing then hopefully this helps. Below is a list of makeup products. Buying and using the product, is completely up to you, these are suggestions/recommendations that are completely based off of my personal experiences.

1)I personally feel like this applies to G9’s and above, not necessarily anyone younger because you already have flawless skin, but for anyone who feels like touching up their skin and evening out the skin tone, concealer and foundation is the way to go.

Now for everyday makeup (possibly wearable to school), I recommend one with only sheer coverage. With sheer coverage, it doesn’t cover blemishes completely, but it does make it less clear.


A concealer that I swear by is Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer. It provides sheer coverage, but it’s definitely buildable. Just add a few more layers to the blemish if needed and it would cover a lot more without looking cakey if blended correctly. You can use this on basically anything, from small spots to dark circles, the soft spongey tip makes it easier to reach smaller areas of the face. It works perfectly for dry skin, but for people with oily or combination skin, it doesn’t mattify the face.

For people who have struggles with blending the concealer, an easier option would be foundation. Although, it might seem a little too much (like I mentioned earlier) go for a light coverage one. Water based foundation seems to work best in terms of that. This works well for dry skin and combination skin, but for people with oily skin, I suggest a silicon based foundation to mattify it during the day.

A good foundation to use is the Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ foundation. It is medium to full coverage, however to acheive a natural look instead of a cakey one, use only a maximum of two pumps and blend it all around the face. It works well with all types of skin due to the formula that’s specially formulated to work as a face cream all together. It contains coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid which brightens the skin and makes it smoother.


2) The next product is mascara. I think for school and everyday makeup mascara really adds on to the natural look if you only apply a few coats. If you apply too many, it could look like you’re wearing falsh lashes, which is not something you want for a natural look.


Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ or ‘Rollerlash’ is my go-to. It glides on the lash smoothly and hugs the lash line perfectly, just enough to add some volume and curl to your lashes. The applicator causes a clump-free effect so you don’t have to worry about your lashes sticking together. The only difference between the two is ‘Rollerlash’ gives a more feminine yet natural look and only focuses on the curl, but ‘They’re Real’ emphasises on both volume and curl. The only con to this is that it’s waterproof, so removing it would be quite hard, but for anyone that doesn’t want to spend that extra time removing, there is a remover for this specific mascara at Sephora.

3) Eyeliner is probably the most common one, but the hardest thing to master. However, once you know all the techniques, you’re good to go!

For this type of makeup, I wouldn’t recommend a liquid or gel. Although it gives you a sharp and precise line, it can look a little too dramatic (unless that’s what you’re going for). So, I suggest a pencil or even kohl eyeliner which gives you a bit more of a smudged effect.


My absolute holy grail is Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide-on eye pencil. It’s not a pencil that will require a lot of pressure in order to get product on your eye, but a simple glide will do. The creamy texture makes it easier to shape and to get that small flick just right at the corner of your eye.

What you can do is simply draw near the edge of your lashline and dragging it out so it gives you a fresher look. This can make your eyes look more alive and happy – perfect for your bad days. Don’t worry if the edge isn’t too sharp for your liking, simply use a q-tip and go through the small edges you want to fix, that will create a small flick. However, If that takes too much effort, you can just tightline (drawing around the inner corner of your lashline) it and it’ll make your eyelashes look fuller.

Color is a very important thing. Because this eyepencil comes in almost every shade or hue you can think of, you can really go for anything. The color I like to use is ‘Whiskey’ which is a brown shade – with brown eyeliner, it can appear less visible and gives you a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Another color that I like to use is ‘Corrupt’ which is in between brown and black with a slight shimmer, this can appear very feminine. However, if you prefer a black eyepencil, ‘Perversion’ is the color for you.

4) This next product is completely optional; eyebrow pencil. For those of you who are blessed with thick and dark eyebrows, feel free to skip over this.

Eyebrows are a very important thing. It frames the face and gives it shape. So, first you must find the perfect shape that complements your face.


For a more subtle and soft look, go for a pencil eyebrow, but avoid the waxy ones as that will not look great in photos and it will not stay on the whole day. This meaning that your eyebrows will look stable in the morning, but by the afternoon, it will slowly fade.

There’s not really a certain recommendation for this, because it depends on your eyebrows. If you have sparce areas, use one with a precise tip so that you can fill them in carefully without going over it too much. But if you already have perfect eyebrows, use the pencil-like ones that will give them more shape.

5) And last but not least. The lips. For this look, I wouldn’t go for lipstick as that would be too over the top, but just a tinted lipbalm, maybe with a hint of pink or orange.


Many people in our school have lip tints in there bag, just incase their lip gets a little dry or colorless. This will add color and make your face less pale. Plus, it gives your lips some extra moisture, so it’s pretty much a win-win situation. For products like these, I’d say the Korean beauty stores such as Peri Pera or Etude do it best.

With all the products I mentioned, I hope you guys figure out what product works best for you. This is definitely just a small amount compared to the many other products in this world. But if you try a few products out from this list and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



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