KIS REVIEWS : Stranger Things

Genre: Science Fiction / Horror / Supernatural / Historical Drama

Rating : 6/7

This show consists of some mild language, so be informed. 

One of the most talked about Netflix series since its release, ‘Stranger Things’ really does deserve the fame it has received. Being a science-fiction fan I definitely felt this combined the classic vibe of supernatural horror better than most recent similar media. Paying homage to 80’s culture, Dungeons and Dragons (definitely one of my favorite table-top games), Lord of the Rings, science nerds, and Stephen King, it impresses my inner fangirl .

In the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, USA, Will Byers vanishes on the night of November 6th (one of my favorite days of the year). His mother and the town police force begin the search for him, and when his group of friends ; Dustin, Mike, and Lucas, find Eleven in a late night hunt for Will, they stumble upon a world none of them are ready for.

Accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, the plot moves with a fluidity that almost makes you forget that each of the episodes last for almost an hour. The show provides a fresh application of the clichè monster-from-another-dimension story.

Unlike most shows in the 21st century, it doesn’t bring a faux sense of ‘equality’  by hiring a black lead and a female lead, instead gives these characters an actual purpose regardless of gender or race (not just a write-off casting to lessen public criticism). It provides a very real view of old-school friendships, and concentrates on the maturity of children.

There really can’t be much said without spoiling the series, and by this time, there isn’t much left to spoil. But this definitely checks out as being one of the best series I’ve let myself binge watch over the summer.

And guess what? Season 2 will be coming out next year. If only I didn’t have the IB to do. 

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