iOS Jailbreaking: Should You Do It or Not?

The term “jailbreaking” has been floating around the world wide web for a couple of years now, but what exactly is the meaning of this illicit-sounding word? Have you ever looked down on your friend’s phone and see eight rows of icons instead of the standard six? Or see an alternative style of lock screen that you’ve never encountered before? All these things that you don’t see or ever will see on normal iPhones are made possible by jailbreaking. In a nutshell, jailbreaking your phone allows you to utilize applications and make modifications to your phone without any restrictions, this method is often used on iPhones, because as every iPhone owner knows, the customization on these devices are extremely limited, at most, you can only change your wallpaper and ringtone, this frustrates a lot of people, including me. You can jailbreak your phone to customize the look of your operating system, run entire gaming systems like the N64, or the SNES on your phone, the possibilities are endless. Though jailbreaking might seem like something you would want to do, there are plenty of reasons to not.


  1. If you jailbreak your iPhone and something goes wrong (including cracking your screen), Apple will refuse to replace or fix your phone because you violated a guideline in their terms of conditions, you installed a third party software that turns off all the restrictions and protection Apple kindly provided to you.
  2. When you jailbreak your phone, an application called ‘Cydia’ will appear on your home screen. This application serves as a market where people can buy and sell applications that make certain tweaks to your phone. The only problem with this is that these applications are made by real people, and they don’t go through security checks. If they want to put it on the store, they can, and it can be anything they want. You are prone to get hacked or get your information stolen from you if you jailbreak.
  3. Lastly, you won’t be able to get the latest updates from Apple such as the new iOS 10. If you jailbreak your phone and then updated it, you’ll lose everything including apps and photos, as if it’s a new phone. Unfortunately, backing up your phone previously won’t help either.


  1. The possibilities of the tweaks you can do your phone are limitless, other than to change your iPhone to look different and unique, you can add other useful applications and features such as AdBlocker, to block ads and pop-ups, or BatterySafe, to conserve your phone battery.
  2. You can make the most out of Siri, when Siri was launched back in 2011 along with the iPhone 4S, jailbreakers found a giant new playground for developers to experiment on. Throughout the years, people found ways to implement custom dialogue into Siri, you can make it tell you jokes or integrate third party options and commands so that it supports other applications such as Spotify or Reddit.

In the end, it’s a matter of preference and it’s totally up to you whether if you want to jailbreak your phone or not. It’s pretty dangerous, but it definitely saves you a bunch of time.

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  1. Ankit says:

    Hmmmm a good article about Jail breaking. Strong points from both pros and cons.


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