Wolves See Off Bulldogs After Late Showdown

The U13 Girls scored 5 points in the last 4 minutes of the game to maintain their win streak to 3 games after a hard-fought 9-4 victory over Bangkok Prep on Tuesday afternoon.

The first half was an intensive defensive showdown between the two sides as both teams kept the scoreboard without a single basket at the end of first quarter. Although the young wolves had more chances from the offensive rebounds, they found it difficult to score in the extremely overcrowded paint.

PAINT TRAFFIC: The Girls tried to fight for the ball in a crowded paint

In the second quarter it was Prep who took the initiative as their ace number 8 (I don’t know the name sorry :P) showed some impressive ball handling against the Wolves and she managed to score a point from a free throw. The game looked to get even tougher for Wolves but then they got their momentum back as Nana scored a basket with 2 minutes to go in the quarter to give the Wolves a 2-1 lead at half-time.

LIZ WITH A WHIZ: Elizabeth (Shooting) scores the decisive basket to seal Wolves’ Victory

The second half showed more promising offense from both sides as Prep’s ace took a three-pointer hook shot that somehow managed to swish in the basket to shock the crowd. That shot didn’t seem to shock the girls though as they responded back through Idea’s mid-range jumper to tie the score at the end of third quarter.

The last quarter started off with Prep going full court defense trying to force mistakes from the Wolves. The girls, however, didn’t panic as they smartly drew fouls from Prep instead. With 4 minutes to go, Elizabeth scored a decisive lay-up from a counter attack to give Wolves the lead and later scored three more points to seal the deal and delivered the girls an intense victory!

GIRL POWER + SAM: The Girls celebrate their 3rd win a row

BOX SCORE: Elizabeth (5 pts), Nana (2 pts), Idea (2 pts)

Here are the upcoming home game dates

Wednesday September 21st: U15 Girls vs St. Stephens

Tuesday, September 27th: Senior Boys vs BCIS

Monday, October 3rd: Senior Girls vs St. Andrews 107


Credits to Aki (G10) and KIS photographers with the pictures


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