Paws & Pens: Psychobabble – A Poem

KIS Today is proud to see the return of the “Paws & Pens” series. We post creative writing done by KIS students. Do you have a brilliant poem or short story you would like to share? Send your entries to Saloni (G10) at or to Ms. Janice at


I do not know what was going on when these thoughts entered my mind. I merely felt the mood to write and it spawned these words in this exact order. Enjoy.

Like the spotted jaguar

The techno hunter stalks

Like the feathered serpent

Many are thought as gods

But the signal’s unstable

The latest prey is shying away

Mighty electrons leave the cable

Swerving around the altar

Blood for the altar provided

Patriots unknowingly dying

Jaguar hide shields harden

Taking the fire of shiny men

Is it polite to seek years before?

To decimate the weak for sport?

Engrossed in returning the glory of yore

Letting wallabies in a kangaroo court

If it’s a leader you’re looking for

The scoundrels are worthy of respect

Many times galactic warfare sought

The help of shaggy pets

Sons destroying timelines

Leading to their own demise

Being stalked by techno hunters

Run away! He’s harnessed thunder

With lightning’s crack

And thunder’s boom

One solitary man

Seals all our doom

No more cotton candy clouds

No more seas of rotting cola

More fish carcasses

Lying dead atop the ocean

Crimson blood rain will fall upwards

Whole frogs eaten by flies

All will fear the mighty cowards

And no living being will return to life

While the apes roam the trees

All of mankind returns to their roots

Grow gills and move unda da sea

As the apes go through the origin of species

Countless cities conquered

Everyone embraces escape

But becomes bewildered

As anarchy abstains

But in the event of social distortion

Leave nobody in the room when it happens

All would be lost and minds will change

Too late to correct our wretched ways


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