#RELATABLE: September Break Edition

September Break had just ended and everyone is now back in school. It was a nice, long break, but everything comes to an end and before you know it, assignments are actually something you have to think of. In this weeks #RELATABLE, I’m going to be talking about the feeling of coming back from a short, well-deserved break.

1)When you leave school Thursday afternoon, knowing that the next time you see it won’t be until next Tuesday


2) When you accidentally stress yourself out by thinking about all the homework you’re going to be doing once you come back


3) When your body says no to homework but your brain wants you to just get it done


4) When you check your grades, expecting it to give you a good start to the break, but it does the opposite


5) “Do you want to join for lunch on Monday-”


6) Turning up to a hang out on Sunday knowing that there won’t be school tomorrow, so you can hang as late as you want


7) When someone mentions a summative due in two months


8) “Grades are out”


9) Reading instructions for the assignment due tomorrow on a Monday night


10) *During a Monday night* “psst, are you done yet”  “hah I haven’t even started”


11) Whilst others are stressing over the outcome of their procrastination, some peoples (we all have that one person) nights are just completely boring


12) “You had 4 full days, yet you procrastinated so you ended up staying up last night, didn’t you?”




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  1. Ankit says:

    Hahaha it was great fun reading this article!


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