SC Update of the Week: 19-23 September

Student Council updates of the week:

  1. The deadline for Hype Your House is moved to October 5th. Be creative- lots of house points are on the line! Check out this post for more detail about Hype Your House1473073166346
  2. Instagram challenge of the week: #Swagtember! Take fabulous photos of you and your friends (and teachers) and tag #swagtember and #sckis on Instagram to earn house points!  Also, tag your house #kisnaga #kiserawan #kistosakan #kishanuman so we know which house you belong to! Check out this post for more details.14374611_10205278247356052_83509255_o
  3. Clarification about bags policy: Many have asked whether it is permissible to have bags on the floor inside the rectangular yellow line in front of the cubbies. This is also NOT permissible as any bags on the floor risk being stepped on; the school will soon begin confiscate any bags that are seen as a tripping hazard. There are many alternatives to putting your bags on the floor during lunch or break, including placing your bags in your next period classroom or using the lockers on the third and fourth floors. You do not need a lock to use these lockers; placing a bag into an unlocked locker is still much better than leaving it lying on the ground.
  4. We will soon be sending out a sign-up form for the KIS Environmental Protection Agency.
  5. We would also like to note that there was an error in our game show: the reindeer is not the first domesticated animal; it is the dog. Perhaps Santa Claus did domesticate his reindeer however…




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