KIS SPOTLIGHT: Alumni Updates

KIS Today is proud to present a new KIS Spotlight series: Alumni Updates! Every month, we will be interviewing KIS graduates so that you can get an insight into life after high school. This month, I interviewed Saniya More (CO’15). Saniya is currently a sophomore studying at Syracuse University. Here is what she had to say.

What are you studying? Why did you choose to study in this field?

I am studying Broadcast and Digital Journalism with a dual major in International Relations. I chose to study communications because I enjoy writing, talking to people, and telling their stories. 

What advice do you have for students in MYP and DP?

Enjoy school and the attention you get from your teachers while it lasts! Learn to be independent and responsible for yourself. At university, if you miss a class or an assignment, no one cares. So if your GPA falls, it’s all on you.

What advice do you have for aspiring journalists?

Write, write, and write! The biggest favor you can do yourself is practice writing as much as you can because every journalist must be an excellent writer. Expand your reading horizon, and keep up with the news. Contribute to a newsletter or start a blog. Don’t be afraid to share your work with others!

What do you love most about your university?
I love being able to study what I want to study in a fostering and happy environment. Syracuse University is an amazing campus.


What do you miss most about Bangkok and KIS?

I miss Thai food (!) and my family. I also really miss my dog. I miss my KIS teachers too!

Why did you choose to study at Syracuse University?

I chose to study at SU because the campus is so beautiful. The journalism program is also one of the best in the country.

What are your future plans?

I want to either go into broadcast reporting, be a foreign correspondent, or be a producer of some sort. I’m not sure yet!

How have you contributed to the university? What clubs, frats etc. have you joined?

I write for a Syracuse paper, The Daily Orange, where I have a weekly column. I am also a teleprompter on our campus news channel Citrus TV. Besides this, I have written for The Tab, done a bit of MUN, and was the vice president of the Syracuse University Oxfam chapter during my freshman year. 

Do you continue to exemplify the IB Learner Profile even though you are studying in university? How?

Yes, for sure! The most important IB Learner Profile for me is probably being balanced because it’s important to maintain your grades and relationships with your friends, but at the same time make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. 

How has the IB program prepared you for university?

The IB taught me how to write really good papers and manage my time effectively. Because of the skills I picked up during the IB Diploma Program, I am currently taking 21 credits and haven’t run into any major obstacles in terms of deadlines or feeling super overwhelmed.

If you’d like more information about Syracuse University or studying journalism, you can email Saniya at

We’ll be back with a new edition of KIS Spotlight: Alumni Updates next month. Stay tuned!


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