KIS SPOTLIGHT: G10 Personal Project – BB

Welcome to a brand new series of articles on KIS Spotlight! Starting from today, KIS Today will be interviewing a G10 student every week about their personal project and how it’s going. This week, I interviewed BB (Sethanun Osatis) and here is what he had to say!

What is your project about?

“My personal project is about creating a computer case out of acrylic. I have chosen to make my computer case using acrylic because I believe that this material can be recycled and reused rather than just thrown away after one single use. I aim to transfer my personality and passion and integrate it with modern technology, and make a creation of my own to show the world that acrylic can be used to make bigger and better things.”

Why did you choose this topic?

“I’ve chosen to look into this topic because I want to show my inner passion and how it can be combined with modern day computers and technology. I want to be able to show that acrylic can be reused and utilised to create something else instead of just being thrown away.”

What are some of the challenges are you facing?

“The entire process of the early stages of my project hasn’t been easy, and it’s not that simple as many would think. I couldn’t just set a goal and boom I’m done, my goal and product has to relate to a chosen global context and make enough sense so that my supervisor can approve my project.”

What have you enjoyed far?

“So far, I haven’t really enjoyed the personal project because the process of everything is so tedious and it’s something I’ve never ever done before. Still, even though I’m not having much fun, I learned a lot of things while researching and talking to my supervisor.”

That’s it for this week, see you again with a brand new interview next Thursday!


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  1. Putt says:

    so BB is spelled wrong? okay…


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