KIS HACKS: Canteen Rush

We’ve all been at that point where we needed or wanted to just eat early or get work done after grabbing a quick snack at break, or a small meal at lunch. But the terribly long queues have been a cause of delay. Been wanting to avoid that problem? Look no further, for here are a few surefire ways to prevent getting caught up in that rush:

1.) When you have a class before lunch, keep a watch on the clock, and as soon as you know that the class (before lunch) is over, start packing up fast, collect your belongings and hurry over to the canteen after dropping your things off at the next class (if possible). But at all costs, do not leave your possessions lying around, because that becomes troublesome for the others (you don’t want to be the cause of people tripping, do you?).

Also, try not to get caught up with chatting or other things that will prevent you from reaching lunch as early as possible. If you reach the canteen right after the bell rings, then you will most probably have access to any meal you want, because, first come, first serve.

2.) One of the best options is to check the lunch menu beforehand. This will help you know what to get, instead of wasting your time wondering what to eat for lunch. In addition, if you have subscribed to KIS Today, then you will receive a notification via e-mail about the week’s lunch menu, as it is available on the website (or the menu will appear in your e-mail itself). It is not a problem if you haven’t subscribed yet, because the menu for the week can be found on the KIS Today website.

3.)  Another great hack is something which I do every once in a while, so trust me on this one. Actually, trust your friend(s) on this one, and hand them over your Smart Card after telling them what you want. Of course, this only works when your friend is way ahead of you in the queue. (Also, don’t forget to look at the menu so you know exactly what you want!)

4.) Now that Smart Cards have been mentioned, one thing that I have observed is that quite a lot of students tend to top up their card during break or lunch. Now, that’s something that takes up your precious time, especially if the queue for that is long as well! A solution to this is to top up your card as soon as you come to school, since there is a comparatively less amount of students around in the morning. One can also top up their card after school is over, which can be done especially when it is known that the next day might be busy.

5.) Lastly, if you are not able to leave class early, as mentioned in the first hack, then arrive to lunch about 10 minutes after it starts, many students tend to do this, because this is when the queues begin to subside.

Hope these hacks are going to help you avoid the canteen rush, and we’ll be back with many more KIS hacks. Until next time!

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