Wolf Reads #5

We return to one of, if not the most, popular genres we read here at KIS. From the folks here at KISToday, here are some recommendations for young adult fiction.

Six of Crows

Goodreads rating: 4.4

Criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker has made himself known as one of the most dangerous leaders in the underground world of Ketterdam. Kaz is offered an prize he couldn’t refuse for an impossible heist: free an outlaw from the Ice Court, the world’s most secure prison. Luckily, Kaz knows the exact crew that can help him pull it off. Six of Ketterdam’s most dangerous outcasts are about to become rich as kings. If they don’t kill each other first.

Recommended for those searching for an intense heist story. Also recommend for more mature readers.

The Outsiders

Goodreads rating: 4

The Outsiders tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis who is a member of the “Greasers” – a gang comprised of boys from a poor neighbourhood. Heart wrenching and moving at the same time, recommended for those who enjoy having their emotions played with.

Rebel of the Sands

Goodreads rating: 4

In the desert nation of Miraji, a traitor prince plots against the sultan. Far away from the capitol, Amani Al’Hiza has been gifted with perfect aim, and she’s determined to use her skills to get her out of her dead-end town where she is to end up wed or dead. What she didn’t expect was Jin, a rakish foreigner, who provides her with the perfect escape route and a journey to discover who she really is.

Recommended for those looking for a romantic adventure, or a rebellion story with a fresh twist, one that reminds us of the mystic and wonder of the Middle East.

Wolf Reads is written as a collaboration project between Saloni (G10) and Por (G12).


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