Conspiracy Theories: Roswell and Assorted UFOs

Note: The History channel has some weird embed links and they don’t seem to work, so I’ve linked the videos, but you’ll have to physically click on them to watch them (ugh, I hate clicking on links, it’s such a menial inconvenience, urgh).

Get your tin foil hats out, because this week’s conspiracy theory is about UFOs. No, not “UFO”, the 1969 English rock band that helped in the creation of British heavy metal, I mean Unidentified Flying Objects. This week we explore one of, if not the, biggest UFO stories out there: Roswell. In addition to that, two other UFO theories have been thrown in for good measure. Let us begin our trip down the “Motorway to Roswell” (Pixies, 1991).

On the 8th of July 1947, a rancher found some undiscernable debris out in Roswell, New Mexico. Air Force officials from the nearby base claimed it was a crashed weather balloon (like I believe that). It seems like I’m not the only one, many believed it was the crashed debris of a UFO, (insert Twilight Zone introduction).

The debris was reported to the city sheriff, which was intern reported to the officials at the Roswell Army Air Force base. These are the same people who said it was a weather balloon, but they appeared at the ranch and took all the debris back to their base.

Umm, they needed to recover their balloon right? It was just a balloon, there are no aliens, I’m going home. 

Slow down there Speedy Gonzales. It’s just about to get interesting. The debris was taken away in armoured trucks, “trucks”, plural. Would a weather balloon have been that big? And why would it have to be an armoured truck, what was so precious about the remains? Well, with those questions being the gateway, time to enter the world of the Roswell Theories.


It Was Undoubtedly a Flying Saucer. 


Crash Debris of Roswell. Digital image. UFO Case Book. UFO Case Book, 2011. Web. 1 Oct. 2016. <;.

Take a look at this picture, yes it’s monochromatic and fuzzy, but it gives us an outline of what the wreckage looks like.


CC BY: NOAA Photo Library

This photo is of the US Army loading up a weather balloon with hydrogen. See the big rubber balloon part? There doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that in the crash. Also, the small box on the bottom with all the instruments seems to be made of a lot less material than that of the Roswell wreckage. Unless the balloon was a lot bigger than the standard weather balloon (which would raise some eyebrows). Take another look at the Roswell debris, there’s a part towards the bottom left of the picture that looks like it could be exhaust ports. And what would exhaust ports be doing on a weather balloon?

Photographic evidence aside, there are some other things that point to extraterrestrial activity.

This video is from (the History Channel online, essentially) it explains how the army told the radio broadcaster that it was a flying disc. The army told them it was a flying disc, not a weather balloon. Why would they retract their original claim? I think it’s got something to do with the mass hysteria that would’ve been caused if there was a report of extraterrestrials landing on Earth. Towards the end of the video, it is mentioned that there were a lot of UFO sightings the year after (in 1948), this could be attributed to one of two things.

One, most of them were really extraterrestrial crafts and several of them were believed to be, OR two, they were the US Army testing out some new technology. You have to remember that this was the beginning of the Cold War, the United States had been wary of the Soviets for a while, but they had just begun to have the time and resources to conduct espionage. During WW2 there was no time to spy on the Russians, the Allied forces were too busy wiping out the fascistic flame that had engulfed Europe years before. And now that the war was over, the US could spy on the Soviets as much as they could. The sightings could’ve been aerial espionage devices or early drone prototypes. Yes, it was too early for the drone to have been developed, but it could’ve been a plane, with the Lockheed U-2  being created in the mid 50’s.

As for the idea that they were UFO sightings, here are some other UFO sightings that might add to the argument that there really was a craft of extraterrestrial origin that landed in New Mexico all those years ago.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania 1965.

The Kecksburg Acorn, we’ve all heard of this one, right? No? I don’t blame you. The Kecksburg Acorn is a UFO that resembles, you guessed it, an acorn. 800px-SpaceA.JPG

CC BY-SA : Navy2004

This model of the downed object from the 9th of December, 1965 clearly has an acorn shape and strange glyphs on the bottom part. According to Stan Gordon of there was a boy who recounted the events of the crash to the local newspaper. The boy wasn’t the only one who saw it, there had been many reports from the area surrounding the crash. Gordon states that many eyewitness reports say that there was blue smoke rising from the crash site over the trees. It is also reported that the Army and the Air Force were quick to show up and cordon off the area.  That’s just the general background bit, here’s what’s fascinating.

The acorn-shaped craft shares a similar look to a Nazi experiment from the Second World War. The following video, once again from the History channel, explains the general premise around the experiment, called “Die Glocke”.

The resemblance is absolutely uncanny. And the idea that there was a Nazi scientist that escaped prosecution in a time machine is terrifying. Who knows where he could be right now? Probably Argentina, definitely Argentina. If this theory is true, then the Acorn/Die Glocke that crashed in Kecksburg isn’t of alien origin, but a Nazi creation. Unless the Nazi’s found the plans for Die Glocke from another alien crash, ITS CRASHCEPTION.


Look at these paintings, can you spot the UFOs?








So I didn’t make it very hard, but I did that to prove a point. These images could be depicting something that’s not a UFO, but because I suggested it, you’re thinking it. Just goes to show that the power of suggestion is quite strong, and if you’ve got a closed mindset, you only see what you want to see, but never mind all that.

These paintings are but a few from history that depict strange floating objects, which may or may not be interpreted as alien crafts. But if they are extraterrestrial ships, then that means that they were common enough to be incorporated into the artwork above. If they were that common, what makes Roswell just another alien incident. If you’re eager for more UFOs, Aliens and Government coverups, wait for the next conspiracy theory post.

-Major Tom out-

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Featured Image: Public Domain

Paintings do not fall into copyright law, as they are more than 100 years old.



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