As a student, it’s quite normal to have a problem with sleeping. You’re either doing homework, stressing over it or procrastinating. So your sleeping schedule ranges from 7pm to 3am (or maybe even a successful all-nighter). But, you can actually get enough sleep, finish your homework without procrastinating and not have those dark circles beneath your eyes – sounds impossible doesn’t it? Here on KIS HACKS, I’ll be talking about how I managed to achieve them by simply changing my mindset.

1.Making plans with yourself

In order to achieve all of those things – you must make a strong plan with yourself that you cannot change. Tell yourself throughout the entire day that you’re going to sleep at 8pm tonight, this way, if you don’t do so, you’ll feel guilty.

2. List all the things you plan to do and do them as soon as possible

Whether it’s homework, reading a book, relaxing, eating dinner or even going off task for a few minutes. Do them all before you plan to go to bed and you won’t stress about anything.

When you manage to do these two things, everything will start to occur naturally. You’ll get used to this routine and start going to bed earlier, being less stressed out and getting work done faster. It’s a win-win situation – plus for all the girls (and boys) out there, sleeping earlier can make your face smoother, as skin cells will start to heal and repair itself.

So, give it a try! It might seem difficult for some people because I know many of you are used to sleeping after 10pm, but after sleeping earlier and knowing the benefits, I can really see how much I’ve improved in terms of procrastinating and having a better sleeping schedule.




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    Good post. I’m following you from now. Have a look at mine


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    Its deleted stupid.


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