A Clash of the Mighty: September 28’s House Competition

A court that would usually contain a uniform blue was instead full of flashing colors. The KIS basketball court contained shades of shocking orange, eye-catching green, bold purple, and striking blue on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 28. It was the clash of houses, Naga, Erawan, Hanuman, and Tosakan.

A fight in which the victor would be decided by Skittles, Rock Paper Scissors, and Ninja!

The first game of the afternoon was Rock Paper Scissors. Individuals of each house were encouraged to mingle with members of different houses and play the game against them. The court looked more like a game of snake than Rock Paper Scissors (or like a game of Slither.io if you havent touched a Nokia).

The second game was one called Ninja. Groups of 15 were made within houses, each invidual karate chopping (or flimsily flailing) their arms to avoid getting caught. Winners from each of the groups in each house were pitted against each other in a battle of reflexes.

Another mini game that followed Ninja was called Lava (or however you would like to call it), in which all members of the house had to get across the basketball field using gym mats!

The last game was called Skittles. Sadly no actual Skittles were present. It required lots of throwing, lots of running, and definitely lots of screaming. It was a test of endurance, courage, and whose cone had the best balance.

It was quite a hectic afternoon, but one full of enjoyment nonetheless. House spirit was evident in the cheers of the individuals, all feeling united despite the grade barriers present in all houses. In the end, it was Erawan who earned the most, gaining a total of 70 points! This is what each house earned:

Erawan: 70 points
Naga: 60 points
Hanuman: 50 points
Tosakan: 30 points

Cheers to Student Council, who made the event possible, and congratulations to Erawan! May the best house win the next event.

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