Guy’s 3 Point Party Shines as Wolves Slay the Bulldogs

Guy’s four 3-pointers led the U15 Boys to a narrow 37-35 win over Bangkok Prep on Tuesday Afternoon at the Wolves Den.

It was a shaky start for both sides in the first quarter and particularly for the Wolves as they nearly ended the quarter scoreless before Poom scored the first basket with 10 seconds remaining in the quarter leaving the score at 4-2 in favor of the Bulldogs after the quarter.

DOUBLE… DAB?: Poom and Ajew (Dabbing) attempts to block the pass which looks more like a dab :p

The second quarter however, the boys heated up as Aeneas scored just 30 seconds into the quarter. Guy then later on got his party started after scoring a 3-pointer and a couple of fast-break baskets to give the boys 14-8 at the break. The boys then went on a riot in the third quarter as Pavan and Peak’s great defensive work along with Guy and Kenji’s three pointers sailed them to a 29-18 lead by the end of the quarter as they looked certain to win the game.

The last quarter however scared the boys out for a while as Prep launched a full-court which led the Wolves to conceding easy baskets from sloppy defending and passes. Guy did manage to give some breathing space with a 5 point lead with a minute and a half left on the clock. But later the boys conceded needless fouls which led to Prep squeezing the difference to 2 points with 30 seconds remaining. The boys however concentrated at the end and manage to hold off to a victory despite the last scare from Bangkok Prep to maintain their undefeated streak!

GUY-DING TO VICTORY: Guy (Number 52) scored 20 points to lead the Wolves in a narrow win

Shoutout to the Senior Girls too for their emphatic 48-15 win against 107 on Monday afternoon! 🙂

Box Score: Guy (20 Pts), Pavan/Kenji (4 Pts), Poom (3 Pts), Aeneas/Mai/Peak (2 Pts)

Upcoming Home Games

Wednesday October 5th: U15 Girls vs St. Andrews 71

Monday October 10th: U15 Girls vs Concordian

Tuesday October 11th: U13 Boys vs Regents

Wednesday October 12th: Senior Boys vs St. Andrews 71

Picture Credits: Yeewa G10


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