KIS SPOTLIGHT: G10 Personal Project – Prin

Hi everyone! We are back again with another interview, this week I asked Prin (G10A) a few questions and this is what he said!

What is your personal project?

“My personal project is to paint a painting that reflects the problems with social media networking in Thailand and the world to raise awareness about the matter. Problems such as cyber bullying, internet privacy, stuff like that.”

Why did you choose to do this topic?

“I chose to base my personal project around this topic because social networking and the internet is a big part of our lives and I think that it is important to be aware of the problems that it comes with.”

What have you enjoyed so far?

“As of now, I really am not enjoying anything right now because I’m facing a lot of problems trying to finish my school work and the project at the same time.”

What problems are you facing?

“I’m facing all the problems right now because I’m new to the system and I’m not really sure how it works so my supervisor and I will try to work it out together.”

See you again next week!


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