The Wolf’s Howl |9O|

The Wolf’s Howl is back with a few songs to add to your Fall playlist that maybe you just haven’t yet.

Artist: Olivia O’Brien ft. blackbear

Year: 2016

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: I’ll be honest and admit with the immense bias this song started in here with. For those of you who do not know, I am almost close to a Blackbear fangirl. If I didn’t have homework, graduation, and a never-ending state of being broke, I would go to his concerts – and I do not like concerts. But this collaboration definitely beats the one that really brought O’Brein to light – I Hate U I Love U. This summery collaboration with Blackbear doesn’t fail to showcase more of her personality with some actual clips from their recording sessions thrown into the songs to give a cheery, friendly vibe to the listeners (oh god, Language and Literature is getting to me). This gives it a “certain realness you can’t fake, which is what makes it a fun song”. Overall, the song itself really means that the key ingredient of having a fun time (represented by the ‘rootbeer float’) is having the right people around you. 

Rating: 7/7

Artist: Hey Violet

Year: 2016

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: Yes, the actual meaning behind this song is perhaps a little NSFW, but if you really don’t pay that much attention to that, this song really puts you in a really ‘chill’ vibe. Or well, just me. I am not saying this is one of the best songs to check out, but hey, it really does have that effect reminiscent of Halsey. 

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Becky G

Year: 2016

Genre: Latin

Thoughts: For all my Spanish compatriots out there – please feel free to concentrate on the lyrics and the feminism but for the rest of you, this song brings you a fusion of latina and electronic to give you dare I say, a more talented version of Selena Gomez. Yes, yes, feel free to rebut, but Becky G’s talents at least in my eyes surpass that of Gomez – easily seen through this production. Instead of an overpowered electronic vibe, this production balanced her vocal abilities – sounding sultry ‘af’- along with it. This isn’t climbing the top of the charts, but it’s something worth listening to. 

Rating: 6/7

Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Album:Death Of A Bachelor Year: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: Firstly, come on, look at this music video – how is this not amazing? Back on to the music, the ‘coming-of-age’ based track about Brendon Urie’s final ‘takeover’ of P!ATD (the crown) is explored through amazing symbolism – and the allusion to the story of the arrogant Emperor just… just. This brings back memories of my younger teenage years where I had the ol’ P!ATD, Green Day, Blink 182 etc playing my eardrums. 

Rating: 7/7


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