G9 Baking Craze a Huge Success

As most of you know, Grade 9 hosted a bake sale during break, lunch, and after-school, on Monday, October 10th.

This bake sale was a huge success, as we raised over a whopping 18,000 Baht. The money will be used to build a computer lab for a local Thai school in Sukhothai, which the G9’s will be visiting during the residential trip in March.

During this bake sale Grade 9 split into groups of 8, and  each group made a total of 90 cookies, and another treat of their choice. Some groups decided to Make brownies, while some others decided to do cake pops.

Each group went to one member’s house to bake. Mr. Park and Ms. Ana even went around to every groups house to see how the process was going and “to eat our mistakes”. Imagine how fun that must have been. We learnt how to actually bake cookies and brownies.

A big thank you goes out to all the hosting parents and families!

Overall, this whole process was a really fun one, and we hope you also had fun eating our snacks.

Picture Credit: Ajew, G9


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