KIS SPOTLIGHT: G10 Personal Project – Ohm

Hi everyone! We are back again with another interview, this week I asked Ohm (G10B) a few questions and this is what he said!
What is your personal project?

“My personal project is about taking different styles and types of photographs such as landscapes, astrophotography, macro and portraits.”

Why did you choose to do this topic?

“I chose to do this topic because I’ve been taking photos and messing around with cinematography and all that stuff since I was in 6th grade. I think that it’s great to combine what I’m passionate about and work together. Maybe in the future, I can make photography a part time job and earn money while doing what I love.”

What are you enjoying so far?

“Working on the personal project is not like what most people think, it involves a lot of work, and I have to spend countless hours planning and researching. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying it but it requires lots of work.”

What challenges have you faced?

“Personally, I have been facing a couple of challenges here and there at this stage. Resources such as budget and time both have been the biggest challenges so far since I’ve started, this is because landscape photography needs good positioning and location. It also requires a bunch of money to buy good equipment in order to be able to take good quality photos.”

See you again next week!


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  1. Ohm says:

    I told you to get the other picture….. MANNNNN


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