#RELATABLE: 15 intense moments every KIS student can relate to

Cue the dramatic music.

1. When the summative is due in 5 minutes and you’re still on the second paragraph


2. When it’s 5th period and the bell rings, but your friend is still presenting


3. When the printer runs out of paper and your assignment is due in 5 minutes.


4. When you have a test on the day you have no study hall


5. When you’re already struggling with a 1-2 question on a test


6. When you get to school at 7:39


7. When the teacher asks you what you’ve learned this year during the 3-way conference


8. When your phone rings and the teacher asks “whose was that”

Screen Shot 2559-10-13 at 11.00.01 AM.png

9. Trying to get to class before 7:40


10. When your friend gets caught for something you both did


11. When you see the teacher handing out the test papers you failed at two days ago


12. “The summative is due tomorrow” 


13. When the summative is due at 7am and it’s already 6:58


14. When you forget your TI-84 and you have a math test


15. When your stomach has been growling for 20 minutes and it’s still 11:20

Screen Shot 2559-10-13 at 11.13.44 AM.png

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