Earth’s Late Basket Rush Seals Wolves Victory

9 Points from Earth in the last quarter gave the U13 Boys a convincing 27-18 win over Ascot on Wednesday afternoon at the Wolves Den.

The boys got off to a promising start leading by 7-2 after the first quarter after Fourth scored a couple of jump shots along with Earth’s long three-pointer which swished into the basket. They could have increased the lead by even more but some costly turnovers denied them from having clear opportunities.

The momentum seemed to shift towards Ascot at the start of the second half as the boys conceded a basket 7 seconds into the quarter from a sloppy turnover. The boys later struggled with passing and rebounding throughout the quarter which gave plenty of chances for Ascot to score baskets, which they did after they closed down the Wolves’ lead to 4 points resulting the half time score at 11-7 in favour of the Wolves.

In the third quarter, the young Wolves showed some improvements in their passing and movement which allowed Earth and Phanom to score a basket each, but it was rebounding that killing the game as the boys continued to concede baskets from Ascot’s offensive rebounds, even giving away a three-pointer at one stage. With the lead closing down to 2 points at the end of third-quarter, the Wolves needed to step their game up in order to grab a victory.

The last quarter the boys took advantage of chances as much as possible as Ascot gave away plenty of fouls which allowed Wolves to extend their lead from the free throw line, and it was Earth who really shone in the last quarter as he managed to score 7 free throws out of 10 just in the last quarter! With Earth keeping on scoring free throws and his teammates scoring a couple of fast break baskets by the end of the game. The Wolves managed to walk off with a comfortable 27-18 win. Great job boys and big thumbs up to Earth who scored 16 points in the game!

Image Credit: Nadia G7




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