Behind The Curtains: Alice In Wonderland


So, as many of you know, and as many of you probably don’t know, this year’s drama production is none other than the classic,
Alice In Wonderland. With such an amazing story, the whole of the Drama Club has been trying to not only make the play slightly darker and more interesting, but have also tried to keep some of the best and most important parts of the play. I’m not allowed to say too much about it, but with Mr. Chris’s permission, I’m allowed to say that it’s going to include way more dark elements, and we’re going to really be exaggerating the concept of  Wonderland and Alice’s mind.vay0uls8

During the past few rehearsals, we’ve mainly been focusing on the first scene of the play, mainly because that’s the only scene we have. I’m kidding, it’s just the most polished, we have most of the rest of the play.

We spent quite a while on the audition process, according to Mr. Chris and Ms. Sally, the performer turnouts were better than any year before, so the casting was difficult. But now that we have every member with a role, the play is ready to be rehearsed.

A few comments of the cast members provided comments on the process we have been going through. Sofia, in grade seven, said that she really liked how Wonderland was becoming more complex and interesting, whilst Tate, from grade eight, stated that he thought all the characters are very individual, in a good way of course. Seemingly, everyone agreed to that.

Sofia, our very own Red Queen, really does enjoy a warm hound under her feet

That’s all for now. It’s been a good few weeks of rehearsing but you can expect some drama as the play approaches. Then again, it is drama club.

I’ll keep everyone updated as we move forward with rehearsals. Try not to lose your heads while waiting. 🙂



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