Wolf Reads: The Land of Stories


Alex and Conner Bailey are given a treasured fairy tale book. Less do they know of the adventures the book hides. As it turns into a portal, it sucks the twins into The Land of Stories, where fairy tales are all very real.

In this five-book series, the twins must always find a way to defeat whatever evil threatens the Land of Stories and keep it safe and hidden from the Other World. As they find ways to travel between the dimensions, they unlock more secrets about the land’s history, the famed characters and most importantly, themselves. With the two worlds at stake, will the twins be able to save both worlds from the dangers, the wicked, the wars and from each other?

This series may seem like the typical twist-of-the-old-tale kind of books, but surprisingly, it is not. It is not focused on the drama, but rather the adventures and the original fun “dreaminess”of tales. There is a mishmash of every tale, all creatively placed in a perfectly crafted world. The story is smoothly paced as it moves towards the climax, but there are times when it gets intense at just the right moments. What I admire about the series is that every storyline of an old tale fits together like a jigsaw, building on the complexity of the dimensions. Not to mention, there are plots and twists at every turn, that will take the conflict to a different level.

The characters are a joy to explore. The characters who are part of a tale, are given depth and important roles to play. The dialogue is spectacular, as they convey the characters voices and emotions. And I must say, there are a number of characters that have a sense humor (as well as many secrets). They have their own “issues”, but they still help each other, especially when situations call for desperate measures.

These adventure-filled books are full of fantasy elements, action packed scenes, and a little coming of age romance. It will take you on a thrilling rollercoaster ride that will take you back to your childhood bedtime stories, but this time, with more excitement (even for older people).

Featured image from: http://www.withanaccent.com/2012/08/09/the-land-of-stories-the-wishing-spell-by-chris-colfer/


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