KIS SPOTLIGHT: Alumni Updates

It’s been a while since our last “Alumni Updates” post. This month, I interviewed Bee Buachoom (CO’15). Bee is currently a sophomore studying at Boston University. Here’s what she had to say.

What are you studying? Why did you choose to study in this field?

Is__29712417 am currently a sophomore majoring in English at Boston University! Up until Grade 10, I thought I was going to major in Business. But after taking IB Thai and English Language and Literature in DP, I discovered my penchant for English literature and analysis, and decided to choose English as my major in university.

Although I can’t say I thoroughly enjoy writing papers (I spend hours writing just a two page paper), I love that feeling you experience when you read certain texts that are quite challenging (say Milton’s Paradise Lost or Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales) and you finally reach a moment when you’re just like, “I get it!”

What advice do you have for students in MYP and DP?

I’m going to go with the generic response and advise to make the most out of your time at KIS. Life at university will be different and it will take time to get used to it. Have fun and don’t stress out too much, but at the same time realize that what you’re doing will shape your future. (Also cherish the fact that you’re able to wake up at 5/6am and get to school everyday because I can’t do that anymore).

What do you love most about your university?

I love the community here; I’ve met many people who I know will be my lifelong friends. I also really the resources my university has to offer, for example the ERC Peer Tutoring, Writing Assistant, etc. My academic advisor (who is also my professor this semester) is also a great all-around person who really enhanced my experience here at BU.

What do you miss most about KIS and Bangkok?

I miss writing IB-style textual analysis. I miss my family and Thai food, especially Yum Woon Sen and Yum Salmon. (S&I is the best Thai restaurant in Boston by the way).

Why did you choose to study at Boston University?

I love how resourceful the university is. It is also centered in the city which is a plus. I also really like the American system where you can explore your options before declaring your major and minors.

What are your future plans?

I’m not entirely sure yet, but I do want a PhD.

What advice do you have for aspiring English majors?

A lot of people will doubt your decision and ability, but if you truly enjoy English and if it is your passion, then go for it. Just be ready to be the only Asian in all your classes though.

How have you contributed to the university? What clubs, frats etc. have you joined?

I am on the executive board of the BU Thai Student Association! We organize various events ranging from small to large scaled. Our upcoming events include Battle of the Schools and Thai Night which will be temple festival themed this year!

How have you continued to exemplify the IB Learner Profile even though you are studying in university? How?

Yes, definitely! You have to be an amalgam of all ten here and there. I’d say Balanced and Inquirers are most prominent though.

Also, how has the IB program prepared you for university?

The IB program really do prepare you for university, you’ll s__29712418find that sometimes some of the content overlap in various classes. I’m taking Computer Science right now and there was a lecture which links back to one of the concepts I learned in my online Economics class. The devices and technical vocabulary I learned in English class are also really helpful in my English classes at BU.

For more information about Bostun University or majoring in English, you can contact Nattanopthorn (Bee) Buachoom at


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