Doctor Strange Review

Genre: Science fiction

The highly anticipated (mostly by my friends and I) Doctor Strange was released in October, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. 

I think we all know Cumberbatch is most recognized for his ability to appear extremely intelligent, observant, and hands-down unpredictable. It’s probably because he always plays the smart guy in films and TV shows. And he did not disappoint his fans in this movie. Cumberbatch was able to keep his status as one of the wittiest, most serious actors ever. Although he didn’t have his signature British accent to make him seem even more intelligent, he completely fit the part. 

In the Marvel Comics world, Stephen Strange is a well known neurosurgeon, only taking on challenging surgeries caused by extreme accidents (that’s right, he didn’t just come up with his superhero name, he was an actual doctor before becoming the awesome sorcerer he is today) who’s supernatural tools are his brain and his hands. Unfortunately, he loses the ability to use his hands after a car crash. After Western medicine fails him, he seeks assistance from an enclave, which he later learns uses spiritual magic to fight against dark forces. He then learns how to use this magic, and, as a result, gets some new supernatural tools along the way, which he uses later on when he is forced to set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

I for one really enjoyed the movie, and although it did have the usual explosions and fighting scenes, I don’t think it was a common Marvel movie. The main character, Stephen Strange, seemed more unusual and unique than the other characters Marvel has provided  us before. I also liked that there was a lot of witty humor, but that’s probably because of actors like Cumberbatch.

The bottom line is, I think this movie is wonderful and has it all; a great plot, fantastic characters, seriousness, humor, realistic special effects, and action. Plus, it has Benedict Cumberbatch! And who wouldn’t love that? Also, if you stay a little after some of the credits, it’ll show a preview of another film, including Thor, which probably means there’s going to be a second film!

I definitely recommend that you see this movie while it is playing in Bangkok, and I hope you like it as much as I did.


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