TISAC Last Week of Basketball Review (ft. U15 Boys Football Friendly)

KIS hosted 3 home games between last Tuesday to Thursday which resulted in the U15 Boys and Senior Girls ending their basketball seasons with a victory whilst the U15 Boys football team suffered a defeat against talented-Ascot side.

U15 Boys Basketball vs BCIS

The gameday galore began on Tuesday afternoon with the U15 Boys basketball welcoming BCIS in their final game of the season. The boys needed to win by 30 points or more in order to have the slightest of chances of winning the title ahead of Bromsgrove.

The boys started off the first quarter in complete domination as their full court pressure forced BCIS into plenty of turnovers and didn’t allow easy chances for shots. The boys ended the quarter leading 12-0 with 8 of those points coming from opponent’s turnovers. BCIS looked to be back in the game in the second quarter however as they capitalized their chances while the Wolves seemed to have troubles with travelling and missing free throws allowing BCIS to close the gap to 16-9 at half-time.

YOU AEN’T GETTING THE BALL: Aeneas (On the ball) looks for a pass against the BCIS defense

The boys got their momentum back in the second-half though as Alex’s shots from mid-range and Peak’s rebound domination (6 just in the third quarter) led the Wolves to a 17 point lead at the end of the third quarter which pretty much guaranteed their victory. The boys however looked to score more points to earn enough points difference ahead of Bromsgrove who are currently leading the group. The boys were on a hot fast-break streak especially in the last minute and a half which they scored 10 points, but that wasn’t enough to keep the title race alive as the game finished 46-19 ending their U15 Boys season in a respectful 2nd place.

Box Score: U15 Boys Basketball vs BCIS

U15 Boys Football vs Ascot

Wednesday afternoon hosted a friendly U15 Boys football with the Wolves going against title-favorites Ascot. Despite of being a friendly match, the boys hoped for the win to gain their confidence for the actual season in term 2.

It was a shaky start for the boys as conceded the goal in the first 30 seconds, but they managed to wake up and pressured the Ascot defense with high-pressing and forced the keeper to some decent saves. They managed to get their equalizer 10 minutes into the first half as Alex’s lobbed pass found Mai who took a shot forcing the Ascot keeper to parry away, only to find out that Mai was at the right place to tap the ball into the empty net. The first half later was a complete Ascot dominance as the first half looked likely to end in a tie thanks to Peak’s persistent defending and Kazu’s saves, but the Wolves found themselves behind 2-1 at half-time after the Ascot player’s curled shot from outside the box found the back of the net despite Kazu in goal getting a hand on the shot late into the half.

MAI-ING ON GOAL: Mai (White) tries to take a shot at Ascot’s goal from long range

The second-half was yet again dominated by Ascot who caused a lot of trouble for the boys down the wings. They scored two more goals early into second-half giving them a comfortable 4-1 lead midway through the second-half. The boys had slight glimpses of comeback after Mai’s deflected free-kick found the net and having a couple of their shots slightly off-target, but they couldn’t cope with Ascot’s swift counter-attacks late into the game resulting in a 7-2 bitter loss. The boys however still looked positive and hoped to improve themselves even more for the actual season.

HANDS, DABS, AND DEAD ALEX: U15 Boys looked positive after the game despite their defeat

Senior Girls Basketball vs St.Stephens

The weak rounded off with Senior Girls hosting the final basketball game of KIS Wolves this season against St. Stephens on Thursday afternoon. It looked to be a comfortable game for the ladies as they were 8-4 up in the first quarter thanks to couple of Maggie’s mid-range jumpers along with 13 rebounds between Petra and Emily. The second quarter things started to turn dodgy as the Wolves could not cope with the height of St.Stephen’s center allowing them to cut down the lead to 1 point at the end of the half with the score 13-12.

The third quarter was an end-to-end battle between both sides as there were plenty of steals and turnovers, but yet again rebounds were the biggest problem for the ladies as St. Stephens scared the crowd off from missing easy baskets following offensive rebounds. Still the ladies managed to keep a one point lead going into the last quarter which quite possibly become the most dramatic quarter in KIS Basketball history.

St. Stephens started the last quarter off strongly as they dominated rebounds and fast breaks giving them a 4 point lead with 3 and a half minutes left in the game. The ladies had some chances from fast breaks too but the ball just didn’t seem to rolls into the net instead sliding outside. The frustration turned into complete jubilation as Petra’s aggressive rebound near the end of the game tied the game for Wolves with 2 minutes left in the clock. The game looked to be settled as Kiara scored a wild lay-up with 45 seconds to go giving the ladies a 2 point lead, but the ending took a twist as St. Stephens had a chance to score 3 free-throws with a second (YES, 1 SECOND) left in the game. The crowd was nervous hoping St. Stephens would miss at least 1 shot which they actually did after scoring two of the three free throws forcing the game to a 2-minute overtime!

The overtime was short but it was insane at both ends as both teams showed determination to end their season on a high with a win. The momentum look to be in t. Stephen’s side who had more chances from offensive rebounds, but it was the Wolves ladies who were more clinical in front of the basket as Petra scored a game-winner long range 2-pointer with 40 seconds left in the game! It was probably the most dramatic end to the game this season as the crowd screamed when the final buzzer rung, there were cheers and some tears from Paan who played her last competitive basketball game for the Wolves along with Sign. What a way to end the season for your team and for the entire school…

Box Score: Senior Girls Basketball vs St. Stephens
ONE TEAM, ONE SPIRIT: The Senior Girls ended their season with a DRAMATIC victory

Thanks to all the players who have represented Wolves basketball throughout term 1 and we hope that term 2 will bring even more drama and excitement on the football pitch!

Picture Credits to: Yeewa (G10), Mr. Robert, and Aki (G10)


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