Behind the Curtains: Alice In Wonderland (Article 2)

102 days to go…

Okay, it’s december. Finally, am I right? I’ve been listening to Christmas carols since late november. In honor of  Christmas break being so close, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you guys something before we leave and see each other again in January. But let’s start off with a little recap. During November. I wrote an article on the school play. If you don’t remember what the play was (which I hope you do), it’s in the title. This month. I’ll be covering the topic of planning. Don’t judge yet. It may sound boring but it’s actually really important. In order to put together the entire play we needed to plan, schedule and discuss. And the best part about planning the production? This year it is mostly being done by the students. Grade 11’s are taking charge of directing, play writing, planning and designing. They are doing it alongside Mr. Chris to create the perfect play.


Jeremy, from G11 is directing and writing the play.  Abhi, who played Danny in last year’s drama production of Grease, is now found directing drama club’s warm ups and taking Mr. Chris’s place from time to time.  Annette is doing designs for not only costumes but also for each individual character.

I managed to get a quote from Abhi about the planning process. He says,  “when things are lead by students, there’s a special touch to it,”

Loads of people in drama club also said that they thought that the fact that students input was becoming larger was very interesting. And although Mr. Chris has always had his students put in opinions and ideas this year, Jeremy is literally writing it. Mr. Chris said that he needed one person to write and direct because we needed one direction for the play, (I know you’re making band references right now). He says that since it’s a complex story we need one vision from one person so that the play doesn’t get really confusing.

Other than the serious planning and organising. I that as a member of drama club myself, I really like how after every rehearsal everyone will sit in a circle and talk about what we did. Then we get feedback for each of our characters so we know what we have to improve on. Although it gets kind of scary sometimes. After this, we usually talk a little bit about planning rehearsals. For example what scenes we’ll be doing next week, or how long we have to rehearse for, which scenes we have to learn our lines for and so on.


Planning may be the part you think about the least but to be honest, it’s actually kind of fun. Planning in drama club is different, everyone’s ideas are included and people make jokes as we sit in the circle. And as I mentioned before, and in case you haven’t guessed from the header yet, drama club’s present to you, are the actual play dates. Which will be be around the 28th and 29th of March. 

That’s all for December. Have a wonderful break, and a wonderful christmas. And remember, all the best people are crazy.


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