CO’19 Performing Arts: Western Theatrical Movements

BY: Avi and Andrea (G10B)

For the second half of this semester, Performing Arts students of CO’19 have been working developing a performance based on the ideas of Western Theatrical Movements. Here, we explain (IN BRIEF) what some theatrical movements were, and the performances put on by the students.

Theater of the Absurd:

Screenshot (563).png

Performers: Adriana, Petra, Soojin, Idea, and Andrea

What it is:

Life is meaningless. Life has no meaning. Nothing makes sense. Who are you? Who am I? Why do we exist? Why do we need to exist? We are here for nothing. Nothing matters. We are alive for nothing. We are alive for nothing if we do not compose a purpose for life ourselves.


Screenshot (543).png

Screenshot (532).png

Performers: Janice, Pippa, Avi, and Luca

What it is:

Wispy explorations of the subconscious. Unexplainable events explained by stepping into one’s mind; what lurks within?

Theater of Cruelty:



Performers: Kiara, Thinzar, Yeewa, Adu, and BJ

What it is:

You sit in a dark room. You seem like a normal audience member. Until, someone drags you on stage and SHRIEKS AT YOU. THE SHRIEKS ARE BONE RATTLING, THE RED LIGHTS ARE FLASHING, CLOUDING YOUR VISION, and you tremble in fear. You are not only immersed in a performance, you are a part of it. And you are a part of facing your WORST FEARS.




Performers: Suchit & Putt

What it is:

Your everyday conversations and happenings, simply keeping it grounded and real. You get the illusion of reality while watching a performance of such nature.


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