KIS REVIEWS: Uncontrollably Fond


By now, K-drama reviews, must be very common on KIS Today, aren’t they? Well, to no surprise, we have a review on a new one! This one aired about 3 months ago, yet the storyline and the characters still remain fresh in my mind.

Uncontrollably Fond is a melodrama about famous pop star Shin Joon Young (played by Kim Woo-bin) and a lower class woman, Noh Eul (played by Suzy of Miss A), who were high school mates before Joon Young made a debut and became one of Korea’s top celebrities. As the story progresses, Joon Young tries to rekindle his relationship with Eul as she tries to seek revenge for her father, due to a hit and run accident. But during all of that, little do the characters know that Joon Young is suffering from an incurable disease and his lifespan was getting shorter by the second.


What makes this interesting is that the characters soon connect and you’ll be putting the pieces together by the end of the drama. But then again, expecting Joon Young’s fatality ever since the start, everyone anticipated the ending with hopes of him having a chance to live and continue his romance with Noh Eul.

This is a drama that many melodrama fans will enjoy, but others, not so much. The flashbacks, the emotional scenes and of course, the inevitable love confession would most likely be cliche to people that aren’t a fan of this genre.The same cards are played and avid K-drama watchers would instantly recognize the cliché car crash scenes, the poor vs rich issue, “I love you but I can’t be with you” dialogues and of course, the long lost past of the girl and the guy shown through a series of dramatic flashbacks.  However, I personally enjoy the raw emotion being portrayed and the expected complications of the problems in the story.

Here are two opinions from two KIS students with different perspectives on melodramas.

“Uncontrollably Fond is too dramatic for me. Too cliche – I went through one episode and stopped because I couldn’t handle it.” – Avantika, G10

“Overall, I enjoyed the drama a lot. Watching it makes me feel immersed into the series, I feel personally connected to all the characters.” – Emily, G11

I must say, Kim Woo Bin’s come back with this series is not a disappointment, although his role is a little predictable. You can tell that he prefers the bad boy roles, as seen in his famous role of Choi Young Do in the classic drama The Heirs. Despite that, he still nailed the role and did not fail to be the heart-throb. Meanwhile, Suzy’s role was a little frustrating. But as I kept watching, I realized that it’s only a realistic thing to do, as humans tend to make illogical decisions in certain circumstances. So, if you think about it, their actions are pretty realistic.

In conclusion, I would recommend this to people who want a nice, problematic melodrama. It’s packed with emotion, problems that you never even knew existed and twists and turns that will leave you speechless. But to people who enjoy something different, I doubt you would enjoy the complexity of the And with that, we’ll be back with another review soon.



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