TISAC Football Season Starts!

Welcome to the football season everyone! This term TISAC have changed the games format slightly from the usual way.

Instead of the usual league format where teams play against every opponents in the group once, there will be 2 mini tournaments to decide the league results. In each mini tournament, teams will be playing all the other schools in the same group once and then the results from 2 mini tournaments will decide the league champion. Otherwise we will still have the final tournaments as usual.

This would mean that KIS won’t host any games unless the mini tournaments or final tournaments are hosted in our school, but don’t worry! We’ll keep all of you updated whenever there are friendly home games scheduled through this website and posters around the school!

Good luck to all the teams this season and please come and support the wolves during home games! COME ON YOU WOLVES!

Mini-Tournament Dates (All mini-tournaments are scheduled between 2-5pm)

U13 Boys/Girls

1st Tournament: Thursday 19th of January (Boys at KIS, Girls at Regents)

2nd Tournament: Wednesday 1st of March (Boys at Bromsgrove, Girls at KIS)

U15 Boys

1st Tournament: Wednesday 25th of January (at St. Stephens)

2nd Tournament: Monday 13th of March (at St. Andrews 107)

Senior Boys

1st Tournament: Thursday 9th of February (at St. Stephens)

2nd Tournament: Wednesday 15th of March (at KIS)

Senior Girls

1st Tournament: Monday 23rd of January (at St. Andrews 107)

2nd Tournament: Tuesday 14th of March (at Bromsgrove)

Final Tournamenet Dates (Venue to be decided)

U13 Boys/Girls: Saturday 4th of March

U15 Boys: Saturday 18th of March

Senior Boys/Girls: Saturday 25th of February


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