Student Council in Semester 2

Welcome to this week’s SC Update of the Week!

Last semester was an exceptional one with special circumstances. However, I am proud of the progress that the Student Council has made over the past term. We collaborated with the Thai Department to host a memorable assembly in remembrance of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Service was an integral part of Student Council’s goals and we were able to fundraise effectively for a variety of charities. Many student proposals were followed through, including collaboration with SEA to resolve the issue of long cafeteria lines during breaktime. In addition, we also hosted many house activities, including Hype Your House, to build school spirit.

Now that we’ve entered the second semester of this academic year, I’d like to take this opportunity to outline some of the plans we have for the upcoming semester. This term, we will be focusing on continuing to make progress on moving forward to new frontiers.

In particular, we will be focusing on the following aims:

  1. Continuing to listen to all the feedback we receive from the student body and working with the school administration to resolve student issues: while we are aware that some issues take a lengthy amount of time to resolve, please rest assured that we listen to all the feedback that we receive from advisory sessions and act follow through with any proposal that we can act on.
  2. Building school spirit through a variety of house events: this semester, we’ll be continuing to hold weekly social media challenges and we’ll also be hosting many other house events in the upcoming months. It is certainly a competitive year with Naga currently in the lead, but their victory is by no means assured: watch this space!
  3. Collaborating with the school staff to promote learning and reading: we believe that reading is an extremely important part of intellectual development. We’ll continue to encourage everyone to read and share their passion for reading. 

  4. Dedicating ourselves to meaningful service for others: in my opinion, there is no role more important to the Student Council than service. We will continue to passionately fundraise for causes we believe in.

  5. Ensuring that the school is promoting environmental awareness and sustainability: last term, we started an Environmental Protection club in KIS to research ways in which the school can become more environmentally friendly. This term, the club will begin to put their plans into action.
  6. Engaging with the wider international school community: KIS has taken on a leading role within the Thailand International School’s Student Committee (TISSC), an association of international school student governments from across Thailand. We are excited to see the opportunities that beckon in this semester as a result of inter-school collaboration.

For this week, please be aware of the following announcements:

  1. This week’s social media challenge:
  2. Please fill in the Sports Day survey.

Thank you very much!



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