Wolf’s Howl J15

Don’t Stop – Lenni Kim

Year: 2017

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: Don’t Stop is Canadian pop-star on the rise, Lenni-Kim’s first single of this year and although I pride myself in not listening to young pop-stars who sing and dance, this song is just so catchy. The song has really good electronic beats and melodies which make it a really fun song to dance to (or just flop along if you can’t dance). I listen to this song all the time, except for when I’m doing homework because I am 100% sure that I’ll end up dosing off. Overall I love this song and am excited to listen to more of his music, but if you ask me I will deny all of this as I have a reputation to uphold.

Rating: 6/7

Cherry Lips – Loon Lake

Year: 2013

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Thoughts: Cherry Lips is a really fun and cheerful song about a dysfunctional couple where the girl is being dragged down by her boyfriend and the lead singer of this band is basically trying to cheer up her up. This song is honestly such a happy and uplifting song, which makes it my morning anthem as it cheers me up (for about 3 minutes, then I go back to hating mornings), and has me set for school. As I mentioned before, I listen to this song in the morning, but I also listen to it when I’m doing something that let’s my brain shut down for a while, like cleaning up my room or eating food.

Rating: 7/7

Someone in the Crowd – Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno & Jessica Rothenberg

Year: 2016

Genre: Jazz

Thoughts: Someone in the Crowd is a song from the movie La la land, which has a really upbeat and swingy melody to it. The song is great, but seeing the cast dance along it in the movie with the really aesthetically pleasing party going on around them makes it even better. I would usually listen to this song in my room and jam out to it, or in the school bus where I can’t really jam out because I’d probably scare everyone. I would give this song a lower rating on it’s own, but after seeing it in the movie the mental image overtime I listen to it makes me give it a big fat 7.

Rating: 7/7 (Go watch La la land NOW if you haven’t already)

Everybody – Don Broco

Year: 2015

Genre: Alternative rock/ Funk rock

Thoughts: Don Broco is a band I have always loved and this song just made me love them even more. They had a great mixture of guitar, bass and drums along with some electronic melodies, which kind of confuses you as to what the feel of the song is (happy or angry?), but would satisfy you nonetheless. I listen to this song all the time, no matter what I’m doing will always listen to this song. I’m not gonna link the music video up here because it’s really REALLY weird so I’m just gonna try to keep things sane here.

Rating: 7/7


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