#RELATABLE: Things every student who has forsaken sleep will get

And we’re back from the winter break with another #RELATABLE article! It’s been quite a few days since school started, and to be honest, many of you may have fallen victim to the lure of procrastination (like, why even bother with a New Year’s Resolution?).

You start by doing your work, and then end up staying awake because you took another quiz on which 2016 meme you are. So, here are a few instances which you’ll relate to if you’ve been there:


  1. When your teacher says something with a smile and you didn’t process that because you’re dying a little on the inside (owing to an all-nighter)



  1. *after pulling an all-nighter*

Friend: You don’t look so good, you tired?

Me: Nah, I’m doing great! *goes to PE class*

aki aki2


  1. *has an entire lab report to complete*

*watches an extra YouTuber who got poisoned because YOLO*



  1. When you can’t concentrate on work that’s overdue already, and your friend just won’t let you



  1. When you got about two minutes of sleep in the first week itself and everybody’s like “I feel great after organizing my schedule this year!”



  1. When you resolve to NEVER procrastinate and be more organized in life and get more sleep, but then after 3 seasons/books/videos/movies/whatever it is that you do:


  1. When you start getting ideas on how to give up/skive off that summative debate already (WHICH EQUALS TO MORE SLEEP AYE)



  1. When the teacher announces that the assignment is due in the next class, but you have just the title page ready, and you give up even more sleep

screenshot-716          asdfg


  1. Hitting your friend(s) up with this plea for help





  1. That feeling when they actually have time and agree to help



  1. When you accidentally fall asleep but the teacher says your name out loud, for a reason that you don’t even know



  1. When the teacher picks on you right when you’re dreaming about an actual nap *cue in-class mini cardiac arrest*



  1. When you vowed to be a better you this year, but, well.


Hope you all have a good year ahead, though.













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