Wolf’s Howl J29

Evie – Last Dinosaurs

Year: 2015

Genre: Indie Rock

Thoughts: I have been a fan of Last Dinosaurs for a pretty long time and this song is one of the reasons I became a fan. This song has a really happy/sad and somehow dancey vibe to it. This song is more synth-based than the ones on their previous album, that along with the fast beat make the song sound happy while the lyrics and vocals give more of a sad impression and that’s what I love about it. I listen to this song literally all the time (and I even force my parents to listen to it). I’d recommend listening to this song while daydreaming (seriously try it).

Rating: 7/7

Passion – Ryan Beatty

Year: 2016

Genre: Alternative Pop

Thoughts: I remember seeing Ryan Beatty in some teen magazine when I was younger and he looked like a clone of 2009 Justin Bieber, I’m not kidding. So I disliked him by default (“hate is a strong word”), and refused to listen to any of his music. Three years later and I’m obsessing over his new music, especially this song called “Passion,” which is a song about a dark and twisted love. What I love the most about this song is the music in the background that literally takes you away and makes you feel like your in a different place… or maybe that’s just me. Anyways, I listen to this song anytime I don’t need to do work because, like I said, it feels like it takes you to somewhere else and it’s not good for your head to be somewhere else while working.

Rating: 7/7

Hit & Run – Greyson Chance

Year: 2016

Genre: Alternative Pop

Thoughts: Greyson Chance was my first and is my longest lasting celebrity crush (I’ve had a crush on him since I was eight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). His music has definitely changed for the better over the years as his songs are no longer about cute schoolboy crushes, but about actual emotions however wrong they might seem. This song is about Greyson’s fear of commitment and being tied down by someone else. The song has a lot more electronic melodies than has old songs which were more piano centred, but I still really love it and we really have to take a moment to appreciate his voICE WHICH HAS DROPPED LIKE TWO OCTAVES AND *phew* I’m fine, almost had a fangirl moment there. Anyways, I listen to this song when I’m alone in my room so that no one can see me dancing like a flamingo being electrocuted. 

Rating: 7/7

Relapse – Divided By Friday

Year: 2013

Genre: Punk Pop

Thoughts: Here we finally have one band in this article that I had no previous knowledge of and does not use any electronic melodies (slow clap for variety). The song relapse is basically about a girl who gives the lead singer the heebee jeebies every time he sees her. Yes, the lyrics are very cliche, but the bass, guitar and drums along with the vocals and the piano give the perfect mixture of a punk sound with light melodies that always sends shivers down my spine. This song I can listen to all the time, but I would recommend listening to it when you just want to relax.

Rating: 6/7


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