So You Think You Can Dance?

7L5A5499.JPGThe TISAC competition- So You Think You Can Dance?

This years competition occurred on the 24th of January at KIS. If you haven’t yet seen the two trophy plates displayed on the desk at the entrance of the secondary building you ought to.

The After Party Dance, our secondary dance team, won both the secondary and overall performance at this year’s competition.  A big round of congratulations goes out to this amazing group, and anyone who saw their performance would surely agree. This group, consisting of Kiara and Maho from G10 along with Jopang, Paan and Pat from G12, managed to pull off an effortless performance.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jopang, a member of the After Party Crew, and a really nice guy:

1. What feelings were you experiencing before performing, when you were performing and after performing?
J– Kinda excited before performing, had a lot of fun while performing, and felt kinds relieved after performing.

2. How much training have you guys endured to get such an amazing choreography?
J– We practice once a week, and I choreographed the show myself.

3. What does it feel like winning first place and overall?
J– Kinda felt like the hard work paid off

4. Do you have anything else you would like to say?
J– Since I’m graduating this year, really I just want to tell other KIS peeps who are interested in dancing to just go for it. They’d be proud for how much they’ve worked for it.

Also to be congratulated are Ms Lynn’s primary dance squad who won the primary section, to Ms Nicolle’s group who came third.

A well deserved victory for all KIS performers.





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